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Strawberries are easy to care for

They can be found in almost every garden. Strawberries taste good to us all. If you properly care for your strawberries, you may even prefer the harvest.

Strawberries are easy to care for
Mostly we can not wait until the fruits dangle on the bushes and you can nibble strawberries to your heart's content. Strawberries are not only one of the first fruits that will ripen in the garden, they are also very easy to care for. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to care. So it is important that you do not rake up the strawberry set because the plants have very shallow roots and could be damaged by raking. If the fruits are visible, then you should put some straw mulch under them, so that they can not rest directly on the ground and rot faster.

Prefer harvest
If you can not wait until the harvest, then you can prepare in February and move the harvest time forward with it. For this you should cover the plants with a fleece. Make sure, however, that as soon as the first flowers are visible, remove the fleece, so that bees can also fertilize the flowers. When the strawberries are ripe, you should make sure that the leaves on the strawberries are preserved during harvesting. If you then wash the strawberries, then no water can penetrate them.

Video Board: How to grow & harvest strawberry plants.

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