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Make one out of many: If you have well-rooted strawberries in your garden, you can multiply them simply by using offshoots. So you get many young plants at no extra cost to increase the strawberry harvest, as a gift or as an instructive experiment for children. The daughter plants are placed after the harvest period in small clay pots - so you can easily remove and transplant in late summer.

Step by step: win new strawberry plants

Mark strawberries plants

Strawberry seedling scoop

Select a high-yielding strawberry plant with a stick (left) and select an offshoot (right)

Strawberry shrubs of the same variety are biologically clones - they are usually propagated from cell material and therefore have identical genetic material. The practice shows that the yields of the plants of a variety can nevertheless be quite different. Therefore, take your offshoots only from high-yielding shrubs that you have marked during harvest with a short bamboo stick. To obtain new strawberry plants, select the offshoot closest to the mother plant on each shoot. He should have well-developed leaves, but not yet firmly rooted. First carefully lift the offshoot from the ground and set it aside.

Dig in pot

Pot strawberry young plant

Dig in clay pot and fill with soil (left). The heart of the young plants must be just above the earth (right)

Dig now, where previously stood the offshoot, an unglazed clay pot with ten to twelve inches in diameter. Plastic pots are not suitable because moisture does not penetrate from the surrounding soil due to the waterproof material. The pot is filled up to two inches below the edge with the existing soil. If this is very low in humus, you should improve it with some foliage compost or normal potting soil. Place the strawberry stick in the center of the pot and press it flat into the ground. Then fill the hole in the earth, where the clay pot is standing, with soil, so that the pot wall has a good contact with the ground everywhere.

Cutting strawberry young plant

Water strawberries well

Cut off the ground shoot behind the offshoot (left) and cast well (right)

The ground gear is cut off behind the offshoot. Thus, no additional daughter plants, which would have to be supplied with. Finally, pour the cuttings in the pots well and make sure the soil does not dry out. In late summer - when the offshoot has formed new roots - you can detach the offshoot from the mother plant and plant it in a new bed.
Tip: Although monthly strawberries like 'Rügen' do not foothle, they can easily be replenished with seeds. When planted by mid-April, the plants even bloom and fruit in the first year of cultivation.

Fertilize strawberries

The best time for fertilization is after the harvest, in aromatic and robust garden varieties such as 'corona' or 'Hummi aroma' in July. At this time, the plants form the flowering plants for the coming year. Recommendation: Distribute 15 grams per square meter of cornmeal and work it lightly into the soil.

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