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young strawberry plant

Before planting, the soil must first be prepared in the garden bed. Since strawberry plants are planted at a different location each year due to the soil to provide rich crops, a bed that has already been harvested and harvested from another forage can be used. Here, for example, offer legumes or new potatoes. At least 14 days before planting the strawberries, the bedding provided should be prepared so that the soil can settle sufficiently before planting. In preparation, the procedure is as follows:
  • Dig out earth
  • create a drainage on the hole bottom
  • to use stones or potsherds
  • lay them flat on the ground
  • The soil should be slightly acidic between pH 5.5 and 6.5
  • mix compost under the garden soil
  • also peat or manure are suitable
  • Put mixed substrate back into the bed over the drainage
tip: For the under-mixing under the garden soil also Humusdünger can be used, which is available in packaged form in the well-assorted garden trade.

planting distance

The distance between the individual strawberry plants is important, so that they thrive well in the garden bed, in the raised bed or a balcony box and bear many fruits. Also, the resulting air circulation ensures that the leaves can dry off faster after a rain shower. As a rule, a distance of 40 cm is left between the individual rows and a distance of 25 cm between the individual plants. So the fruit can be harvested later comfortably and it can be easily stepped between the individual rows.

Plants in the garden bed

If the prepared soil has settled after about two weeks, it must be smoothed out. Then the holes for the strawberry plants are dug. The space provided should be respected. It is helpful to draw a line from one to the other end of the bed for the rows, then they become straight. Because when digging the holes, the overview can easily be lost, depending on the size of the garden bed. The individual holes should each be dug so deep that the heart of the strawberry plants is not covered with earth but lies directly above it. The roots or the root ball must be covered with earth as a whole. Furthermore, pay attention to the following:
  • Before planting in the soil, water the plants well
  • Place in a bucket with water
  • wait for no more bubbles to rise
  • This applies to all varieties and shapes
  • The holes must be so deep that the roots can be inserted without compression
  • in roots bare plants give the roots vertically and well spread in the soil
  • the roots must not be kinked
  • Fill hole around with earth
  • Press well and pour well
tipDuring the first 10 to 14 days after planting, the time of growing, the plants should not dry out and should therefore be well-watered morning and evening.

Plants in the raised bed

Strawberries in the garden

The raised bed is a good alternative to the garden bed, because strawberries and especially the fruits are very popular with snails. In a raised bed can be prevented that the annoying parasites reach the tasty fruits and thus destroy part of the crop. In addition, the raised bed can be used for years, as the earth can be exchanged and rebuilt every year. So if you only want strawberries for home use, you can cultivate them in a raised bed. You do not have to pay attention to the row spacing, because there is no space to harvest. It is only important that the strawberry plants get a distance of about 25 cm from each other.
tip: If you only want to plant a few strawberry plants, then good advice is given to a raised bed, because in addition to the barrier for the voracious snails, such a higher bed is also very gentle on the back when harvesting.

Plants in the tub

If you do not have a garden and still like to pick your own strawberries, you can cultivate the plants in a bucket, a hanging basket or a balcony box. In a balcony box, depending on the length of several plants can be used side by side. Also with the bucket it depends on the size, how many strawberry plants can be cultivated here. However, the hanging baskets usually only accommodate one single plant. When cultivating in bucket or balcony box, proceed as follows:
  • against drainage create drainage above the drain hole
  • to use potsherds or pebbles
  • give a plant fleece over it
  • enter a part of the earth
  • Dip roots of strawberry plants in water
  • Use it carefully, no roots should be kinked
  • Carefully fill in the remaining soil and press down
  • water well
  • after half an hour, drain excess water from the plate
After planting
Above all, it is important to prepare the soil after planting as follows:
  • Remove weeds regularly
  • so that moisture is stored, give up mulch
  • Mulch also keeps weeds away
  • before fruits develop in early summer, remove the mulch
  • To keep the fruits clean, spread straw on the floor
tipIf clean straw is spread on the ground before the fruits are formed, it also stops the snails, which like to feed on the red, tasty fruits and reduce the harvest through these feeding places.

Use offshoot

Offshoot of strawberry plants

Of existing strawberry plants in the garden or raised bed can be very good use of the offshoot, which are formed in the summer of most mother plants. However, it should be understood how many years ago offshoots of the first mother plant are used. Unfortunately, after a few years, yields will be lower and new strawberry plants from the trade should be procured. But in the first year and even in the second year, the offshoots can be used well for cultivating the tasty fruits next year. The extraction of the offshoot takes place as described:
  • dig in small pots around the mother plant
  • here the offshoots are set
  • these are not removed from the mother plant
  • they stay connected for the time being
  • Fill pots with fresh soil
  • water well
The second way to win the offshoot is to prick it with a spade carefully from the mother plant and then plant again in the garden bed. It is better, however, to use a bucket with fresh soil.
tipIf the offshoots are planted back into the soil already used for strawberry cultivation in the raised bed or garden bed, this is not an advantage for the guaranteed harvest next year.

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