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Although the Westerner Erdbeerbaum is used to other temperatures, it can also be kept in Germany as a container plant. We show you what to pay attention to when planting.

Plant strawberry tree

Your neighbors will be amazed! When you plant the seaweed, strawberries grow from now on on the trees. Granted, botanically, the fruits of the strawberry tree have little in common with the native fruit, but visually there is a certain similarity.

Strawberry trees belong to the heather family and come from Middle Almeria. If you spend your holidays more often in Portugal or in Sardinia, you will probably already have seen the strawberry trees. In our latitudes the plants are true exotics. So that the cultivation of the bizarre plants succeeds also in your garden, we have collected interesting information about the planting of the strawberry tree.

Worth knowing about the strawberry tree

Strawberry trees are evergreen plants that grow as a shrub or tree. The strong, single leaves have a striking shine. The bark is pied reddish brown to gray. The small warty berries develop from the white to red panicle flowers. These have a sweetish taste and appear floury. In the countries of origin, wine or jam is made from the fruits of the strawberry tree. In Portugal, the typical liquor Medronho is fired.

Finding the right location

In their original home, the trees grow to altitudes of 3,000 meters. This gives hope that the strawberry tree is also comfortable in our low mountain ranges and in rather rough locations.

Important: Strawberry trees are not hardy in Central Europe.

The strawberry tree should not be kept as a houseplant. Container plants receive a location on balcony or terrace in summer. The plants tolerate sun and partial shade and prefer a slightly sheltered location. If the plant is placed in the shade, it will probably be blooming. Although the strawberry tree comes from Mediterranean regions, the plant is less sensitive than one might expect. Cool nights in autumn can harm plants as little as late frosts in spring. Permafrost gets the Mediterranean plants but not.

Tip: The strawberry tree is also suitable for the balcony in a city apartment, because exhaust fumes do not bother the plant.

The ideal location in keywords:

  • Sun to partial shade
  • bright
  • warm
  • sheltered

Select the ideal substrate

With regard to the soil, the strawberry tree is not very demanding. The plants also thrive in nutrient-poor soils. The ideal basis for growth provides a sandy and not too heavy clay soil. The irrigation water should be able to drain well, so that it does not come to waterlogging. Even soils with a rather acidic pH get the strawberry tree.
Tip: Rhododendron earth is suitable for cultivation in the tub.

Heavy soil tends to waterlogged and should be made permeable by the addition of peat or humus. Gravel or sand are less suitable because it increases the pH of the substrate.

The suitable substrate in keywords:

  • loamy
  • sandy
  • relaxed
  • angry

Plant strawberry tree - step by step

  1. Select location
  2. Prepare the substrate
  3. Lift planting hole
  4. Lay drainage

  1. Insert plant
  2. Fill the substrate
  3. Close planting hole
  4. Water the plant well

The described plantation in the field is recommended in our latitudes only limited. Strawberry trees are not hardy and should be planted in unfavorable locations in the autumn and put in the tub. This does not get the strawberry tree, because the plants have the peculiarity to remain at their location and not want to be implemented. Only in climatically favorable regions, such as the river valleys of the Rhine and wine-growing areas on the Mosel, Nahe or Saale, does cultivation outdoors make sense.

Plant strawberry trees - facts worth knowing

site selection"The strawberry tree spends the summer on the balcony or terrace.
"The location should be in the sun or partial shade.
"Cultivated as a shadow plant, the strawberry tree is blooming.
"An advantage is a wind-protected location.
substrate preparation"The soil should be loose and permeable.
"Waterlogging does not tolerate the plant.
"A slightly acid clay soil is particularly suitable.
"Lime-rich soils are less attractive.
planting operation"In the first years, the strawberry tree is kept in the bucket.
"The planter should be of sufficient size and have enough drainage holes for the irrigation water.
"Drainage in the bottom of the vessel protects against waterlogging.
"In climatically favored regions, the strawberry tree can be set outdoors at the age of about five years.

Keep strawberry trees in the bucket

Young plants should generally be cultivated in a bucket. Anyone living in mild regions, such as the Rhine Valley or the Lake Constance region, can think about their implementation in the field from the fifth year onwards. In rougher locations, the plant remains in the bucket and is overwintered in the house.

Planting the weber tree in the tub - step by step

  1. Select planter
  2. Prepare the substrate
  3. Insert drainage into the bottom of the vessel
  4. Fill the substrate

  1. Insert plant
  2. fill up the remaining substrate
  3. Press the plant well
  4. Watering the plant

The planter should not be too small. Since the strawberry tree does not want to be transplanted, the planter should provide sufficient space for the first few years. In addition to a sufficient size, attention must be paid to sufficient drainage holes for the irrigation water.

Note: Potted plants are particularly susceptible to waterlogging.

Waterlogging is not tolerated by the plants and it comes to the rotten roots. The drainage of the irrigation water is improved by the introduction of a drainage. Pieces of pottery or gravel are placed on the bottom of the pot before the substrate is filled. For the Kübelhaltung is a slightly acidic soil with low lime content ideal. Rhododendron earth offers the ideal composition.

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