Overwhelming Strelitzia - How to survive the winter well

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Although Strelitzia are mainly houseplants, they still need wintering. And here there is a lot to consider.

Strelitzia need a winter break

In general, we associate wintering with plants that are outdoors all year round, or at least have to be cut back in the fall and dimmed over the winter. However, in the Strelitzia you have to proceed differently. Originally from South Africa plant is used to heat and brightness and does not tolerate a dark, even cold location at all. So you have a lot to consider if you want to bring the bird of paradise flower well over the winter.

Strelitzia rest in winter

Basically, you do not necessarily have to overwinter a Strelitzia by changing the housing conditions. If it is anyway a houseplant, you can leave it at the previous location and continue to maintain it as the rest of the year. However, the plant can not recover and recharge its batteries for a magnificent flower season.

Therefore, it makes sense to treat Strelitzia during the winter months a rest period. The beautiful flowers in summer then reward you for your efforts. This variant is particularly suitable for plants that are outdoors during the summer.

You have to pay attention to that

Strelitzia cool place:

Under no circumstances should the plant be cold or vegetate in the dark cellar. Strelitzia need light - all year round. For the winter months, therefore, choose a bright, quiet sunny location that is simply cooler than the rest of the year. Hibernation temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius are recommended. Due to the cool temperature, the Strelitzia automatically returns growth and strengthens. The advantage: If the strelitzia is overcast at a cooler temperature, it will form new flowers sooner, so that the flowering time actually lies between the early spring and the summer.

Watering Strelitzia:

It is important that you adjust the watering in the winter months to the needs of the plant. Strelitzia are evergreen, which is why they need plenty of water during the hibernation. Always check whether the soil is too dry. The upper layer of earth may dry, but the root ball must not dry out. It's better to pour only small amounts, but more often.

Get the Strelitzia out of the hibernation:

As the days get warmer and brighter, you can stop hibernation and put the Strelitzia back in its old place. During the first few days, make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Due to the cooler location, the Strelitzie is a bit more susceptible to heat at first.

Our tip: Repeat the paradise after the hibernation

When you finish the hibernation of the Strelitzia, you can take the opportunity directly to give her a new plant pot. At the latest, if the stability is no longer guaranteed by the relationship between the pot and leaf spans or first roots beat through the drainage holes, the time has come for repotting. In the larger pot the Strelitzia flourishes directly better and soon forms new flowers.

By the way:

If you plant the Strelitzia in a larger pot, you can immediately split and multiply it. How this is done, read here.


  • overwinter cold (perfect for Strelitzia who stand outside in summer)
  • Location: bright
  • Temperature: between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius
  • Watering: regularly small quantities
  • Fertilize: no fertilizer during hibernation
  • Duration of wintering: until spring

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