Apply structure plaster - instructions to make yourself & costs

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Apply structure plaster - instructions to make yourself & costs

Often more is wanted in the house than a white wall with woodchip wallpaper. Anyone who used to live in a rented apartment was often forced to do this type of wall design.
Structure plaster - a wall design with many possibilities
Structure plaster brings, as the name implies, structure to the wall. How much structure depends on which plaster you buy and in what thickness it is processed. With a coarser grain, a more rustic structure will be created than with very fine plaster. The structure is incorporated when applying the plaster. You can use the cleaning trowel or the float, a thick brush or your own tool to invent your own structure.
A wall with textured plaster can look really unusual and can give a lot of life to very functional rooms. And this life can be varied very well later, as a structure plaster can be painted over several times. The color scheme opens up new ways, for example, a polka dot pattern can be applied.
Depending on the planned structure, the wall can be loaded to a greater or lesser extent, for example, structures with drawn tips can be damaged quickly by impacts. Pronounced structures are also not really good to clean, because dust and
Cobwebs can deposit well or children's hands can spread jam deep into the structure. Speaking of children's hands: There are structures that are so sharp-edged that they should not be used in small children because of the risk of injury. So take some time to think about whether the chosen structure fits your daily life.
Prepare the substrate and make the plaster ready for use

  • The substrate to be cleaned must be level and firm, so that unevenness, holes and cracks must be removed before cleaning. Heavily absorbent or sanding walls should be provided with a primer suitable for the plaster so that the substrate becomes sufficiently adhesive.
  • Ready-to-use structured plaster must be made ready to be processed by stirring after opening the bucket. Structure plaster as bagged goods is mixed with water before processing according to the manufacturer's instructions. Stirring can be done with a special stirring attachment (also called stirring basket) to save energy with the drill.

  • Whether this device is also sufficient for the approach of the bagged goods in the bucket or mortar bucket depends on the quantity. For larger quantities could be thought of mixing in the concrete mixer, but then may require a different mixing order, so you should ask before using the concrete mixer from the manufacturer.
  • When the plaster has reached a smooth consistency, it can be applied. Here the rule applies: The larger the surface and the thicker the plaster layer, the firmer the consistency of the
    be workable plaster.
  • The applied plaster is then applied as in the normal plastering of the walls.

If the plaster is then smooth and in the desired thickness on the wall, the structure is created. The structure also depends on how much plaster you apply at all. VeryApply structure
Depending on the material and the thickness of the material, the processing of the structure or the planning of the structure also depends. If, for example, you want to provide a wall with a thick layer of plaster at the same time and bring in a structure, you should
that will be a very simple structure. Because the structure will be best if it is worked out in one operation. If the surface is too large for that, you should never apply more material than can be structured in about 15 minutes. It is advisable to check beforehand on a sample whether the structure can continue with a seamless transition. For some structures this is easy, for others it is very difficult.
The structure can be introduced with very different tools. A pattern can be pressed in with the trowel, a brush can create blurring. Rolls with different surfaces leave different patterns. There are many pictures in the hardware store or on the internet, where you can see how a particular structure was made. If you like a structure, you should get the appropriate tool and apply this structure to a sample surface.
Structure plaster - costs
Which cleaning material you use, decides on the processing of the plaster and also on the price. Mineral plaster is known for greater breathability and gives a natural room climate. However, mineral structure plaster must be mixed with water even from you, but it is inexpensive. The 25 kg sack from one of the well-known manufacturers is available for about 25, - Euro, with a plaster of 2 millimeter grain, the amount enough for about 10 square meters.
Editorial tips

  1. Synthetic resin plaster does not have to be applied and should also be better suited for bridging small cracks in the substrate. Synthetic resin structure plaster is sold ready in a bucket, but costs around 50, - € for 20 kilograms. The 20 kg is enough for a job of 2 millimeters thickness for about 6 square meters.
  2. Both variants can be tinted, which has the advantage that scratches in the wall leave no white spots. Structure plaster can also be painted with paint, depending on the plaster, certain wall colors are used.

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