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Actually, we Germans are a very self-confident gardening nation with a long tradition and yet a recently published study shakes something on our throne. As part of a study carried out by the market research institute GfK, participants from 17 countries were surveyed about their horticultural activities, and - as much anticipated - the result was somewhat surprising.

Gardener vs. garden muffle

According to the study, 24 percent of all respondents work in the garden or on their own property at least once a week. Around 7 percent even work daily in their garden. But this zest for action is also opposed by 24 percent who never work in the garden - in Germany, that figure is even 29 percent.

Gardening in Germany

In this country especially families with children under six years garden enthusiasts. About 44 percent are in the garden every day or at least once a week and take care of the necessary work such as lawn care, pruning and general care activities. However, this zeal is opposed by 33 percent who never work in the garden. Interestingly, these respondents do not have children under the age of 20.

Another interesting point is that homeowners take care of the garden much more intensively than people living on rent. Around 52 percent of those who own their own garden are working there daily or at least once a week, while only 21 percent of people living on rent work in gardening.

Gardening with child and cone

Families with children and own property garden the most

Gardening No. 1

It's hard to believe, but the number one gardening nation is Australia. Here, 45 percent of respondents are engaged in gardening daily or at least once a week. A little behind with 36 percent are the Chinese, the Mexicans (35 percent) and then the Americans and we Germans with 34 percent each. Surprisingly, England - known as the garden nation par excellence - does not even appear in the Top 5.

The global gardeners are the South Koreans, with about 50 percent of non-gardeners, followed by the Japanese (46 percent), Spaniards (44 percent), Russians (40 percent) and Argentines, 33 percent without any horticultural ambitions.

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