Sublime beauties: white roses

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White roses are among the origins of the breeding roses, as we know them today. The white Damascus roses and the famous Rosa alba (alba = white) bear filled white flowers. Together with various wild roses they form the basis for today's breeding repertoire. Even the ancient Romans took pleasure in the delicate beauty of the Alba Rose. The Damask rose comes from Asia Minor and has been part of European garden history since the 13th century.

White roses exude a special grace. Its flowers glow especially against a dark background and in the evening from the green foliage. The color white stands for purity, loyalty and longing, for a new beginning and farewell. Thus, a white rose flower accompanies the man throughout his life.

White bed roses

Rose variety aspirin

Rose variety Lions Rose

Both 'Aspirin Rose' (left) and 'Lions Rose' (right) are more often flowering

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the medical active ingredient aspirin, the 'aspirin' rose from the house of Tantau was christened her name. Although the white flowering bed rose does not cause any headaches, it does enjoy excellent plant health. The about 80 centimeters high growing ADR rose can be kept both in the bed and in the tub. In cool weather, their flowers turn into a subtle rosé. The 'Lions Rose' by Kordes is pink when it blooms and shines later in a very elegant creamy white. The flowers of the 'Lions Rose' are heavily filled, good heat-tolerant and appear between June and September. The ADR rose is about 50 inches wide and 90 inches high.

White roses

White Edelrose ambience

Edelrose Polarstern

White roses such as 'Ambiente' (left) and 'Polarstern' (right) are rare beauties

Among the edelrosen, the easy-care, delicately scented 'Ambiente' by Noack is one of the most beautiful white garden roses. Between June and September it opens its creamy white flowers with yellow center in front of dark foliage. The tea hybrid is also suitable for container planting and is ideally suited as a cut flower. Even as a tall stem 'Ambiente' lives up to its name. Anyone looking for an absolutely pure white beauty for the garden is well advised with the Tantau Rose 'Polarstern'. Their star-shaped, filled flowers radiate in purest white and stand out wonderfully from the foliage. 'Polarstern' is about 100 centimeters high and blooms between June and November. The cut suitable flowers are very long lasting.

White shrub roses

White Rose Snow White

White Rose Winchester Cathedral

Fragrant shrub roses: 'Snow White' (left) and 'Wincester Cathedral' (right)

Introduced by the breeder Kordes in 1958 shrub rose 'Snow White' is considered one of the best known white rose varieties ever. The very robust and hardy shrub rose is about 120 centimeters high and up to 150 centimeters wide. Their semi-filled flowers, which are in clumps together, are heat and rain resistant and smell strong. Snow White has very few spines. If you like it even more romantic, come with the Austin Rose 'Winchester Cathedral' at his expense. The filled English rose impresses with its large white, honey-scented flowers and good foliar health. 'Wincester Cathedral' grows upright and compact and gets up to 100 inches high. Their buds appear in soft pink between May and October, in warm weather, the white flowers get a slight yellow color.

White climbing roses

White climbing rose Bobby James

White climbing rose Filipes Kiftsgate

Among the Ramblers, 'Bobby James' (left) and 'Filipes Kiftsgate' (right) are true sky-worms

Sunningdale Nurseries's 'Bobby James' has been one of the largest and most prolific climbing roses ever since the 1960s. Its long, flexible shoots reach a height of up to ten meters even without climbing aid. During the abundant flowering, the branches hang down in elegant arches. 'Bobby James' flowers only once a year with simple white flowers, but in an overwhelming opulence. The Ramblerrose 'Filipes Kiftsgate' from Murrell is also flourishing. It is very similar in appearance to that of a wild rose. 'Filipes Kiftsgate' is very vigorous, heavily spiked and blooms between June and July. This Rambler, which grows up to nine meters high, is suitable, for example, for facade greening.

Small white shrub roses

White ground cover rose. Snowflake

Small shrub rose Innocencia

Petite beauties: Small shrub rose 'Snowflake' by Noack (left) and 'Innocencia' (right) by Kordes

As a groundcover rose, the rose 'Snowflake', marketed by the breeder Noack in 1991, presents countless simple, bright white, half-filled flowers between May and October. With a height of 50 centimeters and a dense branching, it is ideal for discounts in a sunny spot.Their resistance to common rose diseases and easy care has earned 'snowflake' the ADR predicate. 'Innocencia' is a multi-award winning corduroy rose that is as wide as it is high at 50 centimeters. Their densely populated flower tufts radiate in pure white. It is extremely frost hard as well as star soot and mildew resistant. 'Innocencia' is suitable for greening smaller areas or as a pre-planting against a dark background.


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