Succulent and cactus species

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Magic Snow, Euphorbia Diamond Frost - Care

The magic snow Euphorbia Diamond Frost is 1 year old. He belongs to the easy-care plants and fits in well with other eye-catchers in the garden. The plant is compatible with most neighbors. When designing you should remember that it reaches a height of 35 to 50 cm.

Succulent and cactus species: care

Rhipsalis cassutha: is it poisonous? Instructions for care and propagation

The Rhipsalis cassutha, also known as coral or rodent cactus, is an extravagant, robust and easy-care indoor plant. The special feature of this cactus are its filigree, drooping and strongly branched shoots. Nice to see are also the many small white flowers.

Binsenkaktus, Rhipsalis baccifera - care tips

Succulent and cactus species: species

So many collecting passion began with a cactus of the genus Echinopsis. The initially spherical, aged columnar cactus charm with a magnificent flowering and beguiling fragrance. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Echinopsis cacti and get to know the most beautiful species and varieties, including useful care tips.

Sedum types: Telephium, Reflexum & Rosea - Care Tips

Fat hens or stonecrop, as sedum species are called little flattering, are grateful and, above all, frugal thick-leafed plants, some with bizarre shapes. The genus Sedum includes several hundred species. They are true survivors, because they also grow where other plants have no chance. Once planted they hardly need any further care.

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