How cola helps against rust, lime and moss

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Cola contains in addition to sugar, caffeine and carbonic acid in low concentration, the acidifier orthophosphoric acid (E338), which is also used among other things in rust removal agents. This composition of ingredients makes Cola a home remedy that can be used very well against stains. Whether rust marks on garden tools or tools, calcified nozzles on hoses, showers, planters or unsightly spots with moss - cola helps to remove these stains and to clean the equipment.

So cola helps against rust

Garden tools and tools with smaller rust deposits will be cleaned by rubbing them with a rag soaked in cola and then brushing off the rust with a hard brush or crumpled aluminum foil. The phosphoric acid converts the rust into iron phosphates, which firmly adhere to the iron and thus protect it - at least in the short term - against re-rusting. Important: Rub the devices properly dry, as this is the only way to prevent further corrosion.

Brush off the spade

Cola helps against rusty spots on garden tools and tools

Remove limescale with cola

Similarly, cola acts on lime deposits on nozzles, hoses or even flower pots. Unscrew the calcified parts and submerge them and the pots: Fill a bucket with hot water, add a bottle of cola and some vinegar and soak the utensils and pots for a few hours, depending on how dirty they are. The soaking overnight has proven itself in stubborn dirt. Then rub off the remaining areas with a root brush.
By the way: Even clogged pipes will be released if you put a bottle of cola with a splash of vinegar in the toilet or basin and let it soak. Scrub the basin or toilet the next day and rinse well.

Fight moss with cola

Small areas of stones and joints that are covered with moss and algae deposits can also be treated with cola. To do this, put the drink on a sponge or a brush and clean the affected areas with it. Then wipe again with a little water, so that no remains of cola stick. Attention: This method is not suitable for bright plates and stones, since the cola can cause slight discolouration.

Cola helps against moss

The brown shower also helps against moss on stones and between joints

Dirty chrome surfaces are clean again if you put some flour on a soft cloth and rubbed the spot with it. Then rub the appliance or the surface of chrome with a little cola - to prevent the material from discoloring again.
By the way: These methods do not necessarily have to be carried out with the branded product, so-called "no-name products" are sufficient.

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