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Who creates a garden pond, is often full of ideas and dreams of a busy economic garden pond with many plants the flowering, pond roses and fish, which turn their rounds in the clear water.
Fish such as the goldfish, the bitterling and the expensive as well as famous Koi are typical fish in the garden pond. But they have different space requirements and demands on the environment. It is important that the pond is big enough. The bigger the better, because only then the fish feel really well. Which species of fish feel comfortable in the garden pond can be found here.Of the

... is probably the most popular fish ever. He can be found in almost every garden pond. For a good reason, because the goldfish is fairly undemanding and therefore easy to keep. He likes to live in the group of about 4-7 fish and is an omnivore. During the day it is mostly in the lower layers of the water, but in the evening it likes to stick to the water surface. He can feed himself in a balanced ecosystem, but also likes to eat dry food. When feeding the goldfish, which often receive their colorful splendor only after a few years, like the surface and grab the food and disappear again.
The goldfish is the ideal fish in the garden pond. Especially for fully employed people, he recommends, while some other species are quite demanding.
The bitterling
The Bitterling is also an ideal pond inhabitant. He is quite undemanding and lives as a coop in small swarms. He eats both dry food and vegetable from the garden pond. He becomes up to 10 cm tall and falls above all by its special spawning behavior. Bitterlings lay their spawn in shells. Therefore, it is advisable, if you are planning a breeding, to use some shells on the ground.
The minnow
The minnow is also a well-suited for the garden pond co fish. However, he prefers running water or constantly moving water. In groups of about 5-10 fish, he feels most comfortable and shows this also by the fact that he lets himself reproduce well in the garden pond. He is also quite undemanding and usually feeds on dry food or small insects.
These three species are best for the garden pond, because they do not make great demands on their environment and also not too big. An individual consultation in the specialized trade or garden center would be however recommended, because each pond is differently arranged and offers thus other fish species a suitable habitat.
The gold ore
The golden orfe belongs to the carp fish. She likes shallow waters and prefers sour lakes and rivers. It is nice that the golden orfe is seen a lot on the water surface. She is a surface fish. Due to its intense color, it attracts a lot of attention. It is a peaceful swarm fish. The gold ore suffers from poor water quality. The ground should be made of fine gravel. The fish needs medium water values. We recommend a regular partial water change. The golden orfe is an omnivore. From flake food, over soft plant parts to live food, everything is destroyed. Larger orphans sometimes eat smaller fish.
The Koi
The koi is also a carp fish. It is a special breed of carp that was bred in Japan. Kois are very loving animals, which can also be very trusting. They literally eat their owner out of hand. They are group animals, they only feel comfortable in the community.
The Koi likes to grow, which is why fine sandy soil is ideal. Kois like to eat plants, so there are none in many Koibecken. If plants are desired in the pond, they must be very resistant and tough. Important is a good water quality and, concomitantly, good water filtration. Also, the pond water must be changed regularly. Important for the very large animals, they have enough space.
Kois are quite vulnerable to diseases and parasites, especially if their living conditions are not ideal. You need special food, live food, flake food and also eat salad.

For ponds not suitable fish

grass carp
Although the grass carp is the ultimate algae warrior, the vendors of the animals always forget to add that they only eat algae when nothing else is there. First, the grass carp eat all pond plants. If you do not want plants, the grass carp is ideal. In the pond grass carp can grow up to 1 meter. They are even hardy, only with the reproduction it hapert. That's why they are too cold for us in Europe.
The perch is a predatory fish. The animals grow up (up to 40 cm) and eat fish, newts, frogs and everything that lives. Their food is often half the size of the perch itself. They are aggressive and pure eating machines. They loot every pond.The reproduction of the other pond inmates has no more chance. The more they eat the predators, the faster they grow and the bigger they become.
There are numerous sturgeon species, but almost all are too big for a garden pond. They can grow to between 2 and 4 meters. Only one species, the Sterlet is suitable for ponds when they are big enough. For very large and especially deep ponds is still the Sternhausen. They are only 1.50 meters long. Important is clean, oxygen-rich water.
Three-spined stickleback
Sticklebacks are only of limited use for the garden pond, because they multiply massively. The males become very aggressive, even against larger fish. They defend nest and territory inexorably. Sticklebacks are robbers. They eat tadpoles, insect larvae, fry, water fleas and other small animals. In large populations they eat up all small animals. Sticklebacks are considered to be bitchy, aggressive and extremely predatory.

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