Suitable garden furniture for your own requirements: that's what counts!

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Who wants to buy new garden furniture, should not only pay attention to the look, but also think practically. What matches to whom? We'll tell you!

Garden furniture selection

Finally! The garden season has started again and we can move our center of life outside again. But what is missing, if you want to feel really comfortable in your own garden? Right - the right garden furniture.

What you should consider when buying, we summarized here point by point - because the tastes and especially claims are different from person to person.

What is your demand for garden furniture?

Before you start looking for new garden furniture, you should be aware of what you mainly want to use the furniture for.

Space for everyone

Garden furniture rattan

Are you looking for the right seating for the whole family, including friends and acquaintances? Then look out for rattan garden furniture that offers plenty of space but is not too bulky at the same time. In addition, the weather-resistant plastic mesh, as seen here for example at Jendrass, is particularly durable and therefore very well suited for outdoor use - also there are different designs, so that everyone will find it.

Flexible with folding chairs

Folding furniture garden

For spontaneous visits are seat sets that can be flexibly expanded. With matching folding chairs for example. They do not take up much space when they are not needed and can therefore easily be stored in the basement or garden shed.

Cosiness for two

Seating lounge garden

For couples without children, who like to spend time alone in the garden, beautiful lounge furniture is the right choice. The large seating area of ​​the armchair often provides enough space for two people, so you can share a piece of furniture and enjoy the view of the garden. The often stressful everyday life can be quickly forgotten in this way and the little time, what some couples together, should be enjoyed all the more intense - by the way also means Norman von Zeizulben.

One must be noted, however, these garden furniture are relatively large, so they are not suitable for any garden. This leads us directly to point 2...

How much room do you have in the garden?

Not every garden is big enough to accommodate numerous and large garden furniture. It has already happened that couples or families in the furniture business have opted for furniture that was later too big for the garden. In the shop or even in the online shop, you can quickly be deceived. The sizes tell only the least people something, if they have no picture in mind, as it looks in their own garden.

To prevent this problem, you should first measure the space in the garden where the new furniture should stand. Maybe you can use furniture from the house or apartment to get an idea of ​​the size of the garden furniture in your garden? A true-to-life sketch is another way you can imagine in advance how the garden will look with the furniture later.

Which material should it be?

In the past, there was not much choice, as there were garden furniture made of either metal or wood. Today, there are a variety of materials that have different benefits and sometimes also greatly differ in the price of each other. You should go with the decision not only on the appearance, but also according to your place of residence. For example, if you are looking for garden furniture for a house near the sea, wood furniture is best for you. The natural material is indeed made to withstand the weather.

But not only that: over time, wood gets a nice patina near seawater, which makes the garden furniture even more beautiful. And you do not have to clean the furniture in this location. Nature takes over: Wind, sand and salt water make sure that the garden furniture is properly peeled and thus kept clean. Otherwise, a regular care routine is due.

Long or short lived, that's the question

High-quality garden furniture can accompany you throughout your entire life - provided you have the right care, of course. Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying if you spend a lot of money on good garden furniture, or buy new furniture every few years. Both options are possible.

High quality: long use guaranteed

If you opt for the high-quality garden furniture, it is important to ensure that you can stow them well in winter. Although most of the upmarket furniture can withstand wind and weather, it does not hurt to be able to hibernate over wind and snow.If you want to store your garden furniture, it is convenient if they are not too big, bulky and too heavy. It would be a pity if the expensive furniture had to overwinter outside, just because you do not want to carry it down to the basement.

Speaking of weight: Especially with garden furniture made of stainless steel, a lot of weight can come together. This not only causes problems during storage, but also in summer. Then, if you want to move the garden furniture to put it in the sun, or to escape from the sun. If the furniture is very heavy, you think twice about it.

Inexpensive: For those who do not want to commit themselves

In rather cheap garden furniture, these problems usually do not - at least not to the extent. Furniture from the cheaper price range are not at all designed to accompany their owners for several years. Often these garden furniture only last one or two summers before new ones have to be bought. But even that does not have to be so bad, because you can treat yourself more often a new look for the garden and does not commit to many years. After all, the garden furniture should eventually match the rest of the appearance of the garden.

So you do not have to have a guilty conscience if you want to redesign your garden every few years. On the contrary. This is a great opportunity to buy new garden furniture right away. And who knows, maybe after some time you will find yes the one look for his garden. Then you can still buy durable garden furniture.

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