Plant Summer Heath - Important notes on location, soil and time of planting

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There are plants that can not be missed in a garden. This includes e.g. the summer heather. Those who once planted them can enjoy their beauty for up to 15 years.

Sommerheide thrives almost everywhere

The summer heather or broom heath is an easy-care plant that blooms from late summer to late autumn. You can sow the summer heather, but it will take a few years for it to become an attractive garden plant. It is better to buy plants in the nursery. The plants are cheap, can be used easily and are in the garden for many years a nice eye-catcher. In a sunny location with slightly acidic soil, the summer heather develops optimally.

Location and ground for the summer heather

Sunny places are preferred. The summer heather also thrives in a partially shaded place, but then blooms later. The soil is a moderately nutrient-rich garden soil with acid impact ideal. You can incorporate bone meal or horn shavings before planting to improve the soil climate. Cheap are also peat (rather little) and bark mulch. In addition, the soil should be loose and moist. Waterlogging, lime and too much nitrogen are not tolerated by the broom heath. On the other hand, in moorland or in the heather garden it finds ideal conditions. Basically, in a soil with lots of nutrients, the summer heather grows up quickly. On a rather barren ground, on the other hand, it forms a compact growth habit. The many small flowers are then much better advantage.

Sommerheide looks best in groups

Summer heather can be planted in spring and autumn. The small shrub comes out beautifully, if he is not alone. An exception are Sommerheiden in pot, here you can arrange the plant with other autumn plants to a colorful eye-catcher and beautify the house entrance or the terrace. In a bed or in a discount, it is best to put several plants together. Between the individual plants a distance of approximately 20 centimeters is favorable. If you want to plant a whole bed, you can count on eight to twenty plants per square meter, depending on the variety.

So the summer heather is planted properly

Rake up the soil thoroughly and raise the planting holes so deep that the root ball has enough space. Before inserting, water the bale by immersing it in a bucket of water until it is well soaked. Then fill soil around the root ball and press firmly. The roots must be completely covered with earth. Water the plants vigorously and always make sure in the next few weeks that the soil is slightly moist. Later, occasional pouring is enough. Reading tip: Watering and fertilizing summer heather - How to best supply the shrub plant.

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