Summer heather - tips on technology, timing and tools

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Summer heaths need an annual pruning for healthy growth. For an optimal result, it depends on the technology and the right time.

Summer heather - tips on technology, time and tools

The summer heather is a branched small shrub that can reach a height of about 90cm and has evergreen leaves. Since the plant forms many new shoots every year, especially uncut perennials are in danger of quickly becoming scarred. Regular pruning is part of the summer heather so the standard care measures.

So that you can enjoy every year anew the flowers of summer heather, you should follow the tips below for pruning. Because for an optimal result, the right technology is as important as the time.

Cutting summer heather in spring

Basically, there are two times a year to cut the summer heather: in March, before budding, and in late autumn after flowering. Opt for the pruning just before the sprouting starts. Spring pruning offers the important advantage that the temporarily weakened plants are unlikely to be surprised by persistent night frosts.

Cut tool for summer heather

The best tool to cut summer heather is a very sharp pair of scissors that you can hold with one hand. Thoroughly clean the scissors before use and spray them with an effective disinfectant to get rid of any pathogens that may be present. Use a large model with cutting surfaces of at least ten centimeters.

Cutting technique at summer heather

The optimal technique for pruning the summer heather depends on whether you have to cut back only a few or many perennials. In single plants and few perennials you can cut off the dried flowers of the last year with the dry shoot underneath individually. In a heath garden with many perennials, however, this technique is very zeitintenstiv. The following method is an alternative.

Grasp the individual perennials down by hand and squeeze the shoots a little bit together. Then cut in the area under the lowest dried flowers with one or more horizontal cuts. This creates an upwardly hemispherical cut in which the inner shoots are longer than the outer ones. This form fits very well with the natural habit of the summer heather. In principle, avoid radical cutting right into the immediate vicinity of the ground.

Cut the right weather for summer heather

Choose a dry day to cut back on your summer heather. The plants are generally less susceptible to fungal diseases, but may be affected by gray mold under unfavorable conditions. If the infestation occurs at the same time as the pruning, it is easier for the fungus to spread on the plants. On an open and airy heather bed in a sunny location reduces the risk of gray mold in addition.

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