Summer terrace with flowery view

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The garden, which extends far to the rear, is dominated by an old spruce and there are neither flowering beds nor a second seat in the garden. In addition, you look directly from the terrace directly at the garbage cans and the large, gray paved area, which has no use.

Suggestion 1: A terrace with a flowery view

In this design, the front area is clearly separated from the back by a hornbeam hedge. The arches serve as a connection between the two garden parts. On the right, the hedge also acts as a garbage bin hiding place. You can get there via a 1.50-meter-wide paved path, which is lined by a loose row planting of potato roses. The one to 1.50 meters high wild roses smell intense and form in the fall large red-orange rose hips.

Terrace with a view

Two small raised beds flank the wide staircase that leads from the 55 centimeter higher terrace to the heart of the garden: the formal landscaping

The new tree in the lawn is a Chinese wild pear. The variety 'Chanticleer' has a beautiful pyramidal growth of its own and is characterized by countless white flowers in spring and a long-lasting red autumn color. The fruits are small and unremarkable. At the back left of the property there is a fire pit with cozy colorful beanbags. Here, from May to June, a Kolkwitzie blooms.
In the summer you can look out from the seat at the house on blooming Hochstammrosen and willow sticks up blue-purple perennial Clematis. In between, pink yarrow, tuffs of purple violet bellflowers, and flower carpets of pink blood cranesbill and purple hanging paddle-bellflower grow in stripes.

Raised bed with tall stem rose

In the "raised bed" the fragrant high stem rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' is blooming. It is accompanied by pale pink blood cranesbill, dark pink yarrow, violet hanging padded bellflower, magnificent candle - even without flowers - as well as lamp cleaning grass. In the background a potato rose grows

In late summer, pink and white magnificent candles open their flowers and the lamp-shine grass 'Herbstzauber' adorns itself with fluffy cream-white ears until October. The evergreen holly-cones are especially good in the winter months. For a visual cohesion, the same plants grow in the raised beds as below.

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