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In the spring, the sun bride can multiply by sharing, then it is not so hot, the soil is nice and fresh and the perennials are already in the starting blocks. So you can root well and drive right through again. Thanks to the makeover, there is new plant material that is particularly vital and flowering.

Originating in North America, the sunbeam (Helenium) has long since conquered the gardens here in Germany. The flowers of the varied shrubs appear from June to October. Depending on the variety, they present themselves in yellow, orange, red, copper or reddish brown and are often more colorful. The sunbeam best comes into its own in large groups and in combination with other tall perennials such as delphinium (Delphinium), yellow sun hat (Rudbeckia) or autumn asters (Aster novi-belgii, Aster novae-angliae).

Step by step: Increase sunbeam by dividing

Share sun bride

lift off the suntanned bride from the ground

Cut off the entire perennial with a spade and cut through in the middle (left). Then lift the two halves of the shrub from the ground (right)

The spade is an ideal tool for sharing. First prick the leaf around the complete perennial into the ground. Then separate the sun bride in the middle. Take the halves and separate them into smaller pieces. This is relatively easy with the sun bride and with her fingers. Each section should retain at least two vital shoots.

Control roots while dividing onto foreign foothills

Plant sections of sunbeam after splitting

A spur of the neighboring Goldfelberichs has cheated between the Sun Bride (left) and must be removed. Press the soil vigorously after insertion and form a casting edge with your hands (right)

You should take a close look at the roots. Here sometimes hide the foothills of weeds or other perennials, here a golden field. Remove such competitors carefully. Refill the cuts, put some compost or potting soil into the planting hole and pour well. Make sure that the youngster is not pressed by neighboring plants and gets enough light. Important: In the following weeks, you must make sure that the freshly set perennial always gets enough moisture in its sunny place. If your sunburn is a taller variety, it is recommended to attach a perennial support. So the sun bride can tower over the neighboring perennials and provide with her flowers the whole summer for nice splashes of color in the bed.

Parts rejuvenate many more perennials

Flowering perennials that do not form tap roots often benefit from the division. After how many years exactly the time has come, but it depends on the species - some forgive faster than others. Spring is ideal as a timing for sharing for those perennials that are blooming from the summer. These include, for example, Indian armchair (Monarda), Phlox or the Echinacea.

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