Sun protection for the garden pond - 5 possibilities presented

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A permanent and direct sunlight damages the garden pond. So that the plants and fish do not suffer from the sun, it must be protected. Here are 5 possibilities.

Sun protection for the garden pond - 6 possibilities presented

A garden pond is a real eye-catcher in every garden. He creates an oasis of peace, where you can relax after work and unwind the everyday life for a while. Especially in the evening, when the individual light sources provide comfort, then the garden pond invites you to dream and linger.

But that works only as long as the pond is clean and well maintained. Of course, this offers a lot of work in terms of pond care, but some points can be avoided if an important detail is taken into consideration when choosing the location. If the garden pond is too exposed to the sun, then plants and animals can be damaged.

Too much sun damages the garden pond

While we are happy when the sun is at its highest, this is a special challenge for the garden pond. Due to permanent sun exposure, more algae are formed, which can significantly damage the climate in the pond. Especially thread algae is created an excellent basis. String algae are a good sign in themselves, as they speak for a good biological quality and stability of the pond. However, these release nitrogen compounds when dying, which greatly add to the pond. Therefore they have to be removed regularly. Since the normal pond filter barely manage, you have to reach it yourself, otherwise a veritable plague develops.

Also, fishing can make the strong sunlight. In the worst case you are threatened with a life-threatening sunburn. Kois, for example, are very well known because they swim very close to the surface of the water.

In order to protect the habitat of animals and plants, you should think about the sun protection at the garden pond in good time. We would like to introduce you to 5 different solutions.

These solutions protect your garden pond from the sun

To ensure that the overall picture is not compromised, it is important that you choose the sunscreen so that it fits into the environment. It should not only take on a functional task, but also a decorative task.

Tip 1: Bridge as a sunscreen

Bridge as a sunscreen for the garden pond

Bridges provide an optimal shade cookie. While they do not overshadow the entire pond, they do provide a small retreat for fish. There you can hide during the hot sunshine hours. This will reduce the chance of your fish getting sunburned. In this case, the mucous membrane of the fish can burn. The resulting inflammation forms germs, which can ultimately be fatal to the fish. But apart from the sunburn, they can also burn their eyes. That happens when they look too long in the sun.

In addition to the practical benefits of a bridge has a very high design aspect. Especially in gardens in the Japanese style, they are outstanding. Very popular are wooden bridges. Very easy to build yourself are, for example, bridges made of europallets. This video shows how to do it:

Those who are not talented in craftsmanship can, of course, also rely on finished bridge elements or have a bridge made to their own specifications.

Tip 2: Trees and plants as sunscreen

Trees as a sunscreen at the garden pond

Often, the pond is planned so that trees & Co. grow far away. Leaves could fall into the pond and affect the water quality. On the other hand, they offer a natural protection against excessive sunlight. The foliage can be counteracted with special meshes of various sizes.

If you still have a free choice in the design, you can fall back on non-deciduous trees. Recommended here are:

  • cherry laurel
  • ferns
  • Eiben
  • spruce
  • pine

It may take a while for these plants to reach a certain size to serve as a sunscreen, but in the meantime you may be considering a temporary solution.

Tip 3: Parasol as a shade dispenser

Parasol as a sunscreen for the garden pond

A mobile and fast solution as a garden pond shading offers a parasol. You can change it as needed or close it in the event of a storm, so that it does not cause any damage. Various parasol formats are available in the trade, which must meet different requirements depending on the installation site. As a shade dispenser, protection against UV radiation should be a top priority, so that plants and fish are protected.

Highly recommended at a garden pond are Ampelschirme. You can attach the foot to a dock or pond edge. The large shade provides sufficient shade for protection of water, animals and plants.

The advantage of the parasol is that you can always transport it to another location. If it is no longer needed because of a different solution at the pond, you can use the screen, for example, as a sunscreen on the terrace.

Tip 4: Awning

Awning as a sunscreen for the garden pond

An alternative to the parasol is the awning. There are also different colors and shapes here. In addition to the standard dimensions, you can also tailor-made awnings. Thus, the optics can be tailored to the needs of your own garden.

Awnings must be of good quality, so that they can brim wind and weather. Today there are even awnings that are operated electronically and automatically rolled up during storms.

»By the way: Awning and parasol not only provide a shady spot, but also protect against herons. From above, he can no longer look at the pond and locate his prey. Beneficial for garden owners who hold valuable koi.

Tip 5: duckweed

Duckweed as a sunscreen for the garden pond

There are not only solutions that can be done around the garden pond, but also those that you offer yourself within the pond. These include special plants, e.g. Duckweed, also known as duckweed. They form a carpet on the water surface and thus protect fish and other plants.

In addition, duckweed has the advantage that you increase the oxygen content of the water. This is important for the fish to survive in the water. The warmer the water, the lower the oxygen concentration in the pond water. If you do not want to use duckweed as a shade and oxygen supplier, you can take other measures to counteract the lack of oxygen.

" My advice: Who does not like it so wild, can also fall back on water lilies. They have the same effect, but they look a lot nicer due to their flowering.

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