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In the specialized trade in addition to parasols also awnings and awnings are offered, which have the great advantage that they donate a lot of shade. Whether you want to shade the terrace and at the same time keep the living space cool, or whether the seat at the pond should be protected from the sun is indifferent. We will show you which criteria you must observe for the right sun protection.


They are colorfully striped, plain and in different geometrical forms. And the best thing about awnings is that you can build them anywhere you want shade. Depending on the occasion, you can use them to shade the terrace or even an entire courtyard, shield a pond and the sandbox for the children and set it up as a privacy screen against prying eyes. They also serve well at the beach or on a picnic on the lawn. Additional plus: There is no umbrella stand that stands in the way. Awnings are anchored with leashes, hooks or pegs, sometimes with additional rods and weights for the ground, such as in tents, in the ground, on a gutter or house wall. After dismantling, they can be stowed away to save space.


Awnings are very flexible and space-saving

Good seam processing in awnings

For awnings, the quality of the fabric is crucial. Synthetic fabrics made of acrylic, PVC or polyester have become much more resistant to the most diverse environmental influences in recent years. The fibers already dyed in the spinnerets keep the color in the awning fabric much longer. Nevertheless, offers between 100 and 400 euros at mail order companies and DIY stores only meet the lower quality standards. Basically, you should pay attention to the processing of the seams in the selection. If they consist of normal acrylic or polyester threads, you will not enjoy the awning for long. High-quality awning fabrics are sewn with a TENARA thread. They have a very long life when properly handled. To use a patio awning, you only need a house wall or rafters, which are sufficiently sustainable.

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