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The course of the sun has always fascinated man and most likely our ancestors used their own shadow in the distant past to measure time. For the first time recorded and survived representations of it from ancient Greece. There, the time of day was recorded on boards as a function of the shadow length of an object. Since then, the principle has been refined and the sundial has entered the gardens of those of rank and prestige. Today, therefore, many ancient pieces can be found in the gardens of old estates or monasteries. But as a decorative garden element, the sundial is still used today - because it is still fascinating to observe the course of time.

We will show you how you can easily make a sundial for your garden yourself.

What you need for this:

  • An obliquely cut piece of tree trunk (straight contact surface and bevelled top) and a wooden or metal rod - length depending on the size of the tree trunk (30-40 centimeters should be sufficient)
  • A drill with a wood drill (in the thickness of the rod), compass, ruler, triangle for the angular dimensions, pencil, water-resistant pen or paint, oil or colorless paint and fine sandpaper

Drill sundial hole

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Build sundial yourself

Build sundial yourself: shadow

Important: Place the drill at a 45° angle and drill towards the higher side of the slope

Build sundial yourself: shadow

Draw the hours with ruler and pencil

Build sundial yourself: drill

Trace the number of hours with paint or waterproof pen and fix with paint or oil

Drill sundial hole

Draw sundial hours

Prepare sundial and fix it

Step by step: construction manual for your own sundial

Take the piece of tree trunk with the oblique side up and the drill at hand. Place the drill at the center of the annual rings, measure an angle between 47° and 55° in Germany (thanks to the watchful eyes of the community) using the geo triangle and drill a slanted hole in the direction of the higher part of the tree trunk (see image). The depth should be a few centimeters, so that the rod, which is introduced there later, sits stably. Now sand off the surface of the later sundial with the sanding paper until the surface is as smooth as possible.

Now align the sundial on a solid and even surface with the aid of the compass to the south. Then draw the hour scale using a ruler and pencil. Insert the rod into the previously drilled hole (can be fixed with adhesive) and mark the shadow every hour on the hour. The work for this can be excellently combined with a longer work assignment in the garden and an alarm clock. The rod can then be shortened to the desired length of the shadow cast.

Now you can apply the numbers and lines with a waterproof pen or brush and paint color. Overhanging pencil lines can be removed carefully with an eraser. After the script has dried, the surface is sealed with oil or colorless varnish to make the sundial weatherproof. When using oil, the process must be repeated several times and should be repeated every year.

Video Board: DIY CNC Sundial Build.

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