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Superthrive is a somewhat controversial plant auxiliaries, which should specifically stimulate root growth. It is suitable for all plants according to the manufacturer. Superthrive is not a classic fertilizer. It consists of more than 50 vitamins and hormones.
The main ingredients are vitamin B1 and phytohormone NAA, an auxin. The plants are stimulated to go through their stages of development faster. According to the manufacturer, the plants get earlier, more and larger flowers, the growth of roots and shoots is promoted above and below ground and the plants reach a two-year growth in one year. Superthrive seeds to help germinate and lead to earlier growth of fruits, flowers, buds and shoots.
Auxin is needed by plants for rooting. It is produced by themselves. If the auxin production is disturbed, the plants form only insufficient of this, whereby little or no new roots can be formed. As a result, not enough nutrients can be absorbed. Especially with the cuttings propagation often causes a death of the cuttings. In addition, when adding synthetic auxins, rooting is stimulated. However, too high auxin concentrations may reduce plant resistance by softening the cell walls. This can lead to bacterial and fungal attack. It is therefore essential that the dosing instructions are followed exactly.
If you use Superthrive for the first time for activation or for stress treatment, it will be dosed as follows:
1ml to 4 liters of irrigation water
2.6 ml per 10 liters of irrigation water
13 ml to 50 liters of irrigation water
For tender plantlets use 1.5 ml per 100 liters of irrigation water. The remedy is thus applied only very sparingly. If you have bare roots or you want to dip the plant, then take 3 ml per 100 liters of irrigation water. Since Superthrive is used very sparingly, the high price is not so tragic. 120 ml cost about 15 euros. This will take you a long time.
The plant auxiliary for palm trees has proven to be particularly suitable. It leads to rapid root growth, which means that you have to repot relatively often. Even over-fertilized plants, which are about to die, can often be helped with super thrills.
Superthrive has come under criticism, as the manufacturer for a long time had not announced any exact contents. Therefore, the funds were not allowed in the EU, but could always be obtained via the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, there is the synopsis and you can still buy it over the Internet. The problem with the remedy is that actually a different dosage of phytohormones is necessary for each species. One dosage for all together is not cheap. Superthrives are beneficial in some plants, but not in others, and more harmful in certain plants. The growth-promoting properties of plant hormones are often at the expense of e.g. the stability of the fabric bought.
A similar mixture can be made by itself. The ingredients are available in stores. Important is Auxin. Homebrew the means is significantly cheaper.

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