Build a Swedish house as a prefabricated house - Suppliers & Prices

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Build a Swedish house as a prefabricated house - Suppliers & Prices

Swedish houses are very light and rustic thanks to their wooden panel construction. Their charm, however, they get mainly through the wooden porch, large balconies and the contrasting windows.
They are colorful, whereby mainly the typical Scandinavian house colors blue, red, yellow, white and gray are used, of which mostly two are combined. Such a Sweden house is available from many suppliers as a prefabricated house.

Build the home as a prefab house
Even prefabricated houses are planned individually, so that no two houses are exactly the same. A prefabricated house differs from traditional houses in that most parts are prefabricated at the factory, so building up the property is very fast. As a result, the house can be purchased soon after the start of construction, which can save some monthly rentals. These savings can be taken into account in the financing or used for interior design and furnishing.
Prefab house supplier for Sweden houses
The Sweden House AG offers its prefabricated houses in all three German-speaking and other countries. In this company there are a total of six different variants of Sweden House in different sizes and with additional elements such as a garage or a carport. These houses are available as one- and two-family houses and as bungalows. They are manufactured according to the low energy standard in Sweden. Also a matching kitchen in the Swedish style can
be ordered at a prefabricated house right away. Model houses can be found mainly in Switzerland, but also in Austria and Germany
be visited.
The Company Sweet Home wooden house offers turnkey Sweden houses. For craftsmen who want to participate in the construction of houses, but there are also the so-called extension and kit houses. In the expansion houses, the outer shell of the house is delivered and built, so that the inner area is protected against wind and weather. The interior is then completely taken over by the client. At the kit house, however, only all the required materials are put together and delivered to the construction site. The house is then built by the future owner and his helpers.
The provider North Hus Potsdam has more than ten different types of Swedish houses in the program. In these houses windows are installed, which can be opened to the outside and thus in the rooms in open condition need no space. A clearing of the windowsill is therefore not necessary if the window is to be opened wide in the summer. To be able to clean them from the inside, these windows can be rotated by 180°.
Prices for a Sweden house
A small Sweden house with a living area of ​​100 square meters is available as a development house from 70,000 euros, turnkey costs in the same size about 150,000 euros. Houses with a floor area of ​​200 square meters for self-construction cost about 140,000 euros and turnkey around 250,000 euros. Even very small Swedish houses with 80 square meters or even less can be bought as prefabricated houses. They are sold very often as expansion houses and then cost about 50,000 euros.

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