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Is it carrot or carrot? The different names are pure formality. Carrots are early, small round or conical varieties such as "Parisian market". Carrots are usually called varieties with long, cylindrical or pointed beets like the popular Nantaise types. You can sow in the bed from mid-March. The cold-resistant seeds germinate under fleece even at temperatures just above 0° C. When sowing, a row spacing of 30 centimeters and a sowing depth of one to two centimeters should be maintained. Follow-up sowings are possible until mid-June.

Carrots well bedded

The bed preparation should already be two weeks earlier: Wait until the soil is sufficiently dried and no longer sticking to gardening tools or shoes. Loosen the soil with the grave fork or the cultivator at least ten inches deep and then work in matured ripening compost. An early sowing time is recommended especially on sandy soil permeable to water, because the beets will then be less affected by the carrot fly occurring from the end of April. For heavy loamy garden soil, early sowing has few advantages. Sow there only when the soil has warmed to 10-12° C, otherwise the hesitant germinating seeds lie too long in the damp soil and rot. It still takes about 20 days for the first tender leaflets to become visible.

Leggy growth

A well-prepared soil prevents the legged growth of the carrots

Carrots want to be spoiled

Especially in the youth stage carrots do not tolerate competition! Weeding can be made easier if you mix a few radish seeds under the carrot seed. The Blitzkeimer already mark the course of the series one to two weeks later. Because the fine carrot seeds are usually sown too densely, warping is one of the most important care work. Easy piling as soon as the rootlets thicken and turn orange, prevents the roots from turning green and bitter in the sun. Tip: The organic breeding "Nantaise 2 / Fynn" does not naturally form a "green shoulder". Juicy early moths are ready for harvest from the end of May. Additional fertilization six to eight weeks after sowing with potash vegetable fertilizer provides thick turnips. Also, when dry, water once or twice a week.

Narrow-meshed vegetable nets prevent infestation with lice and maggots of the carrot fly. Apply the net immediately after sowing and remove it only for weeding. In order to avoid diseases such as carrot blackening, only grow the root vegetables in the same bed every four years. The caterpillar of the swallowtail feeds on leaves and flowers of wild carrots, but also eats on garden carrots. Give her the meal, because the beautiful butterflies are threatened with extinction. Legged carrots are common on heavy, compacted soil. Often, an attack with Wurzelälchen is the cause of caring, highly branched beets. Remedy: Loosen the soil deeply and sewn in the previous year Tagetes and marigolds as green manure.

Store carrots in the fridge

Early molluscs are ready for harvest 80-90 days after sowing, later sown summer and autumn varieties take almost twice as much time. Already in March, you can buy fresh bunched carrots on the market. Look for fresh green cabbage and intensely colored, firm roots. In the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator you can store the carrots for about ten days. Turn off the herb beforehand: it removes moisture from the beets - they then soften and lose their aroma. Tip: Use the delicate young green of the spoiled plantlets such as parsley as a soup herb or for salad dressing.

Carrots in all colors

Carrots look good in all colors on the plate

Colorful and healthy

"Red Samurai" is a new breed with pointed, long roots. The red plant dye anthocyanin is retained during cooking and protects against cell changes.
"Rodelika" is suitable for sowing from March to May and contains a lot of healthy beta-carotene. The roots taste raw or cooked, are good for juicing and can be stored for a long time.
"Yellowstone" extends the color spectrum of the carrots with its golden yellow roots. Depending on the sowing date (March to May), the beets ripen from June until late autumn.
"Long Loiser" comes from the gardens of our grandparents. The aromatic turnips are up to four inches thick.

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