Sweet cherries

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It is best to give the tree a place where it is airy and sunny.


Extreme minus degrees in the winter, which are preceded by mild days, can lead to master cracks. This can be prevented by white of the trunk and the thickest branches with a lime paint. The weather-related dangers include late frosts; Cherries bloom early and grow their flower buds early. One can take advantage of this and cut from them so-called Barbara branches, which - provided they cut them on December 4, the day of Barbara, and puts them in the house in a vase of water - to open their flowers for Christmas. In the rain, there is a risk that the fruits burst open. In addition, it can come in poor fertilization and varietal rubella, resulting in fruit case.

to water

Sweet cherries tolerate some dryness.


The soil should be deep, well ventilated and slightly calcareous. Wet and acid soils favor the susceptibility to rubber flow and frost damage to the wood, so pay attention to a pH of about 7.


Decisive for the planting of a cherry tree is the high space requirement (low-growing varieties need 12 to 30 square meters, others 50 square meters). Despite small or medium-strong cultivation documents, the trees are 2 to 4 m, sometimes even 6 m high; The crown is correspondingly large. In addition, sweet cherries need, except for a few exceptions, a pollinator. So if there is no matching cherry tree in the neighborhood, a second variety has to be planted. It is also possible to graft several varieties into an older, strong-growing tree. Planting time is in the fall.


A regular parenting and uniform treetop construction in the early years is very important, with the approach being based on the tree shape and size desired. High-growth trees cut best in the summer after harvest, which slows down the growth; on the other hand, a spring crop promotes him. This strong side shoots, excess end branches of thick Leitäste and verkahltes fruit wood are to be removed.


Fertilization is in early spring with a complete fertilizer.

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