Sweet potato plants in winter: so overwinter cuttings

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Sweet potato plants in winter: so overwinter cuttings: plants

The Batata tolerates absolutely no cold, because even temperatures of 10 degrees pose a threat to the frost-sensitive plant. The overwintering of the entire plant together with the foliage is usually associated with much effort and often promises low chances of success. It is better to overwinter the sweet potato with the help of their cuttings. This method also has the advantage that it can be obtained from the matured Pflänzlingen new offshoots. How to get the cuttings through the winter, you will learn in this article!

Cuttings win

The best way to win the Steckling is in late summer, as long as it is still relatively warm and the plant is not yet withered. In principle, however, the offshoots can be won until the first frost occurs. For this purpose, a vigorously grown, healthy mother plant is first selected. It should not have any disease or a lack of nutrients, because cuttings from such a plant are neither suitable for hibernation nor for propagation. If the appropriate mother plant is chosen, proceed as follows:
  • Seek shoot, which has a length of about 10 to 20 cm
  • Cut off below the leaf axis (Nodium)
  • this is a thickened stem area
  • from this form the leaves
  • be sure to use a sharp, sterile cutting tool to cut it off
  • For this purpose, for example, a pruning shears is suitable
  • For sterilizing is highly concentrated alcohol
  • then rinse the cuttings with water and clean
Tip: Instead of rinsing the cuttings, they can also be soaked in water for about 10 minutes. If necessary, a small splash of soap may be added to the water to kill any pests.

Germinating the cuttings

After the shoots have been cleaned and freed of possible pests, they are ready for germination. There are two different methods for this, as they can germinate on the one hand in a water vase or in a commercially available culture dish. For both variants, however, the first thing to do is to remove the bottom leaves of the cuttings. The subsequent procedure is as follows, depending on the selected method:

Germination in the water vase

Sweet potato - Ipomoea batata flowers

For this method, no special equipment is required, since already fresh water and a container are completely sufficient. The vessel is ideally transparent, as this can be observed root development. For this example, a vase or ordinary glass is suitable. Who wants to germinate the cuttings in the water, the best is as follows:
  • Put shoots in a container of fresh water
  • ideally, the water is slightly warm
  • Take care that no leaves come into contact with the water
  • If necessary, remove further leaves from below
  • replace the water every few days
  • the old water is suitable for watering other plants
  • Place the container in a place away from direct sunlight
  • the warmer it is, the faster the cuttings root
  • After a few days the first roots form
Tip: Often the leaves of the cuttings hang down or even fall off. However, this is not a cause for concern, but completely normal!

Germination in the culture dish

For this variant, on the one hand a shell or a pot as well as a commercially available cultivation soil are needed. The workload is lower in this method, since the cuttings need no special care after insertion. The cuttings germinate best in the culture dish, if the following procedure is followed:
  • Fill pot or bowl with potting soil
  • insert cleaned cuttings
  • pay attention to a high humidity
  • Temperatures of at least 20 degrees
  • optimum temperature is 25 degrees
  • a mini greenhouse on the windowsill offers the optimal conditions

Overwintering the cuttings

Sweet potato - Ipomoea batata - roots

For the wintering of the cuttings, there are two different possibilities. For one thing, they can remain in the water vase throughout the winter and be placed in their own pot. Here are the things to keep in mind:
Hibernate in the water reservoir
  • regularly check the water
  • to make sure it does not get too slimy
  • or even evaporated
  • because the water level should always be above the roots
  • The roots should never dry out
  • In addition, replace the water every few days

Overwinter in a pot or bucket

  • Fill container with loose substrate
  • suitable for this is ordinary potting soil
  • Put cuttings in their own pot
  • as soon as the first roots have formed
  • then place in a bright, warm location
  • a windowsill is ideal
  • Substrate should not dry out, but should always be evenly moist
  • Therefore pour regularly
Tip: After about two months, the plants are usually strong enough to pull out of them new cuttings.
The overwintering of the entire sweet potato plant is usually not very promising, whereas the overwintering of the cuttings succeeds in many cases. Essential here is the optimal location and the regular watering of the cuttings. The workload is relatively low, however, the greater are the chances of success of a successful wintering of the offshoots.

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