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Those who prefer remote, near-natural beach resorts to splashing in chlorinated water may already have thought of setting up a swimming pond. This unites not least the advantages that Baden offers in its own garden, as well as the possibility of creating habitat for plants and animals.
Why prefer a swimming pond to a swimming pool?
The decision for the cool water in the garden has fallen, but maybe the question remains, why a swimming pond is preferable to a garden pool. Sure, not everyone likes to be enthusiastic about natural swimming. Many garden fans, however, find the combination of pond and bathing area especially nice. Few plots offer enough space for pool and pond. In addition, a pool in winter is not necessarily an eye-catcher, a pond or swimming pond, however, already. Also cost reasons may steer the decision in favor of a swimming pond. So the entertainment of a swimming pond is usually much cheaper than a pool. Also, the prejudice that in Baden in the pond a poor water quality is acceptable, is not verifiable. If you already consider different things when creating a pond, it is not too difficult to achieve a permanently good water quality.
Natural swimming in your own swimming pond
Natural bathing pleasure in the own garden can be realized with a swimming pond very well. Whether a swimming pond would be suitable for your needs and what costs can be expected, you will find in our guide contributions. In the following section "Swimming Pond - Costs - Design" we would like to provide you with many useful tips and show you what the design of your swimming pond might look like. Just that each swimming pond offers countless, completely individual design options, makes this bath-nature combination so interesting.
Why not make a swimming pond out of the garden pond? Swimming ponds are a good alternative to chlorine-laden swimming pools. The Schimmteich is very close to nature and offers in addition to the possibility of swimming much space for plants and animals that settle in and around the pond.
As long as the pond is balanced, the water is clear and it gives us humans a lot of fun to swim in it. A piece of natural bathing pleasure in your own garden.

Video Board: Building a Natural Swimming Pond.

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