Put swimming pond - step by step instructions

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Creating a natural swimming pond is a great alternative to a conventional swimming pool. Here's a guide on how to do it.

A swimming pond is particularly suitable for large gardens

Swimming ponds can easily be integrated into larger gardens. Characteristic of a swimming pond is the interaction of nature (for example, by planting parts of the water area and the edge of the beach) and crystal clear, biologically cultivated bathing water.

Now, if you think about creating such a swimming pond, here is a step-by-step guide for you on how best to do it and what to keep in mind.

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions

Step 1 - Planning:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: instructions

Ideally, you should first plan the size (starting at approx. 70 square meters), depth and shape of your future swimming pond before embarking on a detailed plan in the form of terrace areas, bridges, bridges and terraced entrances to the swimming pond.

" Tip:

Of course, you can also hire a specialized garden planner (garden architect) or an appropriately skilled nursery for detailed planning.

In addition, professional planners divide a swimming pond into a pure bathing area and a pure plant area. This facilitates later the care of the swimming pond clearly and ensures a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Furthermore, you should always have an electrical connection and, if necessary, sanitary facilities, such as swimming pools, near the swimming pond. in the form of a freestanding shower.

Step 2 - Excavation:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: pond

Swimming ponds, due to their size and depth (average 2 meters in the middle area), must generally be dug with a small excavator. Which then it is also advisable to hire a specialist company. You can also rent such an excavator.


For the excavation, you should provide a detailed plan and set up a quick board in advance.

Step 3 - Determine the shape of the swimming pond:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: pond

After completion of the excavation, it goes directly to the fine work, to represent the later desired shape of the swimming pond as perfectly as possible. Here it is necessary that you attach gradations (such as terraced entrances) very well and rework the later form as lifelike as possible in order to be able to easily spread the necessary pond liners on it afterwards.

" Tip:

One possibility for the demarcation of individual pond areas is that you design the demarcation sacks available in specialist shops true to scale. With these softly filled sacks, each individual water area can easily be formed without much effort and without any prior knowledge.

Step 4 - Removal:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: swimming

You should start the expansion of your swimming pond by overlapping non-rotatable pond liner overlapping within the excavation area. You can fix this foil at any time with so-called plastic edge strips and associated fixing posts, which are especially offered for pond construction. On top of that, the pond liner on the shore area can be covered well with soil and complain with beautiful boulders.

If the pond liner is damaged during the removal (a crack is formed), you can use a special adhesive to glue a foil spot directly onto it.

" Tip:

In the retail trade complete kits are now available for the construction of a swimming pond, which can be used by a rather inexperienced pond gardener good and happy.

Step 5 - Equipment:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: pond

Even a natural swimming pond does not come without technical equipment such. a filter pump, a compressor for oxygenation, etc. Depending on the size and shape of your swimming pond, you must therefore integrate a corresponding technology shaft in or on the pond.

Furthermore, the equipment of a swimming pond also includes a dock, an entry ladder, a Ufersitzplatz and the like. For all equipment details, you should use natural materials as often as possible.

" Tip:

Larch wood planking is extremely durable and relatively easy to care for, despite the variety of weather conditions.

Step 6 - Planting:

Put swimming pond - step by step instructions: step

Ideally, you should equip a swimming pond within the plant basin with hardy pond plants that grow as little as possible. Why is often advised against a planting with water lilies. Especially recommended for the planting of a swimming pond are:

  • blooming water lilies in different colors (full sun)
  • the water star (oxygen supplier even during the winter months)
  • the thousand-sheet (for flat areas)
  • Water Primrose (half shade)
  • Calamus (good filter plant)
  • Watercock foot (for deeper areas)

" Tip:

The individual aquatic plants in the swimming pond are usually planted in a nutrient-poor substrate. It is recommended that you choose a fairly fine-grained substrate for the lower layer, in which the pond plants are usually better rooting. The upper layers should then be filled with coarse-grained substrate.

As for the edge of the river, you can plant it as you wish. However, reeds, bamboo cane and pampas grass look especially nice here.

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