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Swimming pool covers - prices & models: prices

However, in order to enjoy your pool as long as possible, you should think about a swimming pool cover, because it not only protects the water contained in the pool, but also the material. In addition, the care of the pool is reduced a lot, because his free time can certainly spend better than with the care and cleaning of the pool.
Furthermore, a swimming pool cover can provide child safety and there is an additional heating effect. This has a direct effect on the energy costs, because if it is a heated pool, the pool cover can hold the heat in the water.

Variants of the pool cover

The possibilities of a swimming pool cover are very versatile. One can choose between the following cover systems: roller blind cover, bubble wrap, multi-layer foam sheets, edge-mounted safety pool covers and winter covers. The roller blind cover is the classic type of swimming pool cover, which consists of plastic profiles that float on the water surface. It is made of PVC, polycarbonate or polycarbonate solar and is available with a fully automatic drive.
Thanks to such a comfortable pool cover, according to the manufacturer, energy savings of up to 90 percent are possible. Furthermore, less dirt can enter the pool and there is an effective accident protection. With a bubble wrap as a pool cover almost all pool shapes can be covered. With a pull rope and a hand crank the cover is simply pulled over the pool. Alternatively, a fully automatic winding device can be integrated.
The foam sealant is also suitable for all swimming pool shapes and sizes and is a weather-resistant and perfectly insulating multilayer film. This pool cover is available with a manual pull-out via a pull rope. The edge-mounted cover is also suitable for all pool shapes and sizes and, in addition to effective protection against soiling, also offers the possibility of saving energy. In addition, a high level of security is guaranteed.
The special feature of the edge-mounted cover is that it can be used in the winter with the appropriate snow carriers as supports and as a winter cover. With a pull rope, the cover is rolled over the pool. Another option is the winter cover, which is used to protect against leaves, needles and coarse dirt. It is extremely robust, since such a swimming pool cover consists of a completely HF-welded carrier fabric with a fungicidal coating.
If the pool is not filled in winter, you have to buy additional snow carriers that can carry the snow load. Experts recommend this type of pool cover up to a pool size of 70 square meters.

Cost of swimming pool covers

An exact price for the mentioned possibilities of swimming pool covers can not be mentioned. There are too many variables that need to be considered. In addition, swimming pool covers are in most cases custom-made, since swimming pools in the garden are not always necessarily standardized.
A simple cover with bubble wrap costs about 25 euros per square meter to book. For a winter cover, on the other hand, you have to reckon with costs of around 80 euros per square meter. Add to this the accessories such as crank mechanisms and snow props. Before deciding on one of these variants, a price comparison should be made. On the websites where you can buy the pool covers, you can usually create an individual offer via email.
On other websites there is a configurator, in which just the data of the pool must be entered. Within a few seconds you can then get a non-binding offer on the price of a pool cover.

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