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Pool Roofing - Prices & Models: models

Not only the construction of the pool itself quickly costs a few thousand euros. It must also take into account the costs of operation and not to forget the various accessories. These include, first and foremost, the means to keep the water in the pool clean. In addition to numerous chemicals, it is also a circulating pump, through which the water is passed to a filter and continuously cleaned here.
This is associated with a large amount of time for cleaning, which can be a little restrict by deciding on a pool enclosure. Through a pool enclosure, the pool in the garden can be protected from contamination. There are many different models of pool enclosure, which are a perfect alternative to a simple cover.

Overview of the benefits of a pool enclosure

First and foremost, the advantage of swimming pool enclosures is that they can not get into the pool. Pool enclosures are built like a roof over the entire pool, so that leaves, animals, pine needles and other contaminants can only land on the roof and not in the pool at most. This is associated with the fact that the cost of cleaning is reduced to a minimum. Positive side effect: less polluting chemicals must be used to maintain the cleanliness of the pool water.
In addition, you can extend the bathing season by the pool enclosure a lot or use the pool even if the weather in the summer is not the best. A pool enclosure can save energy because the heat stays under the roof and thus in the pool and does not go away. Especially if there is a pool heating, the pool enclosure should definitely be considered.
Another important advantage of swimming pool enclosures concerns the area of ​​safety. In principle, protection against accidents should be created, especially if smaller children belong to the family. Thanks to the pool enclosure, they can not fall into the pool, so that bad accidents can be avoided right from the start.

Model variant of the pool enclosure

As mentioned above, there are numerous variations on how to create a pool enclosure. The specialized trade holds exactly the right model for every pool shape and size. In addition, a pool enclosure can also be made individually.
Very popular is the variant of a solid house, which has about one meter high side walls and a domed roof. In appearance, such a pool enclosure is very close to a greenhouse. There are models whose side walls and the roof are firmly fixed. They can not be moved so that you can create a true indoor pool with such a pool enclosure.
However, since most pool owners want to swim outdoors in the summer, most opt ​​for a flexible pool enclosure. Here, the individual elements can be moved without a great deal of effort. So you can fold the side walls into each other and you can also move the roof and thus romp in the open air in the pool.

Costs for swimming pool enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures have glazing made of polycarbonate double-skin sheets or they are made of Plexi clear glass. You can choose between different colors, such as blue or green. Due to the versatility of the models, the different materials and colors, it is impossible to name a fixed price for a pool enclosure.
Even on the websites of the manufacturers can not find any binding prices, because there are many factors that affect the price. It makes sense, therefore, to get several individual offers, compare them and filter out the cheapest offer. However, around 5,000 euros must be expected.

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