Heat the pool with wood - heat up the water and warm it up

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Even in summer, it cools down at night, so the water in the pool has a comfortable temperature only in long-lasting heat periods, if it is not heated additionally.
Since a pool is usually used in other times, there are several ways to heat the water and keep it at a certain temperature. Among other things, this offers a pool heating, which is fired with wood.

Heat the pool with wood

A wood heater for a pool is placed as close to the swimming pool and connected by two pipes to the pool. Through the first pipe, the still cold water from the pool is directed by means of a pump to the heater. There it flows through the heater and is heated before it is passed through the second pipe back into the pool.
In the lower part of the heating, a log fire is ignited and kept in operation until the water in the pool has reached the desired temperature. The resulting smoke is passed through a slightly longer chimney and then released into the outside air.

Advantages and disadvantages of heating with wood

Wood heaters for swimming pools usually consist of a housing made of stainless steel. This material does not rust and is therefore well suited for outdoor use. However, it also has a pretty high price, so these wood heaters are not cheap. As a heating medium wood is a natural and renewable resource and therefore very environmentally friendly.
Somewhat disadvantageous, however, is the smoke during operation, which could disturb the neighbors. Likewise, wood must be added continuously until the desired temperature is reached. In this regard, other types of heating are more comfortable.

Keep the heat as long as possible

The water in the pool releases the heat to the air when it is colder than the water, and even in windy weather, the water cools down quickly. Therefore, a cover that is pulled over the water surface when the pool is not being used can save a lot of money. In addition, a cover ensures that the water is not polluted by leaves, bee pollen or dust.

Alternatives to heating with wood

To heat the water in the pool and maintain a constant temperature, a solar heating can be used. Of course, this heating works only in sunny weather, but has the advantage that apart from the initial cost of the system, no further costs for the energy arise.
Another way to use the sun's energy, solar sheets or solar tarpaulins, which are placed on the water surface. They are made of polyethylene and are somewhat similar to the bubble wrap film used as packaging material. These films let the warming sunlight through, but not the air, so they are especially suitable for the night, because they prevent a strong cooling of the water.
Similarly, a heat pump can be used to heat the pool water. It converts the heat of the outside air into heating energy for the pool and is usually a cheap solution. Compared to a solar system, a heat pump has the advantage that it works efficiently even in overcast weather.
Another option for heating the pool water is a heat exchanger connected to the heating system of the house. In this way, the pool can be used even in winter, but then is to be expected with quite high energy costs.

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