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Millipedes do not have a thousand feet, but more than 200 pairs of legs can be called an animal. In every segment of the body, thorn-footed weirs have glands from which they excrete foul-smelling and sometimes even poisonous secretions when enemies approach. Therefore millipedes are avoided by birds and moles, hedgehogs and shrews as well as by predatory insects. The millipedes feed mainly on dead plant parts and are important waste eliminators. Sometimes, however, especially in dehydration, they also nibble seedlings, strawberries and root crops. Especially the one centimeter long, ocher-colored and on each segment marked on both sides with a bright red dot spotted millipede appears in the garden and feels magically attracted by ripening strawberries.


As long as millipedes do not prevail, they should be tolerated as Abfallzersetzer in the garden. Otherwise, you can simply collect them because they curl up spirally and stay motionless thanks to their innate reflex in approaching the enemy. Upside down flower pots can be set up as a shelter. Strawberries, which are lined with wood wool and do not rest on the ground, are spared by the Tausenfüßern.

Video Board: Millipede vs Centipede!.

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