Tawny owl is the bird of the year 2017

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The Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and its Bavarian partner, the Landesbund für Vogelschutz (LBV), have killed the Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) was voted "Bird of the Year 2017". Stieglitz, bird of the year 2016, is followed by an owl bird.
"As a representative of all owl species, we have selected the Tawny Owl as the annual bird in 2017. With him, we want to promote the preservation of old trees with caves in the forest and in parks and sensitize a broad public for the needs of cave-dwelling animals, "said Heinz Kowalski, member of the NABU Bureau.
"Owls are indispensable components of biodiversity. It's about protecting them, stabilizing or multiplying their stocks, "Dr. Norbert Schäffer, LBV Chairman.

Tawny owl behind tree

The tawny owl (Strix aluco) has, in contrast to the long-eared owl, a round head without feather ears

According to the Atlas of German breeding bird species, the population of the Tawny Owl in Germany is 43,000 to 75,000 breeding pairs and is estimated to be stable over the long term. However, the breeding success that determines the preservation of the species depends above all on the quality of the habitat. The felling of ancient cave trees, monotonous forests and cleared low-food agricultural landscapes are thus the greatest dangers for a healthy forest owl population.
Wood Owls are silent hunters of the night. They look and listen very well and find their prey so precisely. The term "Kauz" is a peculiarity in the German-speaking area, because in other European countries there is no word for round-headed owls without feather ears - they are commonly referred to as "owls" like the other species.

Although his name suggests otherwise: The bird of the year 2017 is by no means only at home in the forest, although he feels most comfortable in sparse deciduous and mixed forests. Ideal is a habitat with a forest share of 40 to 80 percent, plus glades and adjacent fields. For a long time now, it has also been used in urban parks, gardens or cemeteries with mature trees and suitable breeding caves. He comes very close to us humans, although he is to hear rather than to see. During the day he hides in caves or dense treetops.

Tawny owl (Strix aluco)

The Tawny owl feels well in sparse forests with old, cavernous trees

The adaptability in the choice of the habitat contributes to the fact that the Tawny owl is the most common owl in Germany. The Tawny Owl is well camouflaged with its bark-colored plumage. His big head without feather ears sits on a squat trunk. The beige colored veil is dark framed. He owes his friendly appearance to his large round button eyes and the two bright cross lines above the frame, which affect us humans like eyebrows. The strongly curved beak is yellowish in Tawny Owl. Almost always we hear the calls of the annual bird in TV thrillers when it gets dark and scary. In real life, the long drawn-out "Huu-hu-huhuhuhuu" sounds when forest owls mimic or mark their territories, especially in autumn and late winter. Almost throughout the year, they also attract attention with their contact call "ku-witt". The silent hunters are about 40 to 42 centimeters in length about the size of crows, bring 400 to 600 grams on the scales and reach a wing span of up to 98 centimeters.
To coincide with the Waldkauz year, NABU and LBV will start a new series of action from 2017 onwards. The tawny owl stands as a nocturnal hunter for all animals of the night. Under the name "NABU-NachtnaTOUR" or LBV-NachtnaTOUR ", the associations will offer excursions, lectures and similar events on the peculiarities of the nocturnal flora and fauna: On 20 May 2017, a nationwide" NABU NachtnaTour "will be held Dawn to early morning are the focus of the night for the owl, bat and co.
Further information at Vogel-des-Jahres.de, NABU.de/nachtnatour or LBV.de

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