Use tea as a fertilizer - 2 application tips

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Chemical fertilizers should not be used in the garden. Better are biological means. So you can, for example, Use tea as a fertilizer. Here are 2 application tips.

You can use tea as a fertilizer

Like coffee grounds, you can also use tea as a fertilizer in the garden. The individual teas have different effects. Chamomile tea is suitable e.g. excellent for plant breeding. With chamomile tea, however, it is also possible to combat mild mold infestation in potted plants.

Black tea, on the other hand, should have a disinfecting effect and keep pests away. Herbal tea is again certified to have a plant-strengthening effect and nettle tea (also nettle) has an optimal effect on controlling aphids. In contrast, green tea of ​​any kind generally contributes to soil improvement.

In principle, it does not matter which type of tea you ultimately use to make the plant tonic yourself, because all teas contain Tein. And that is exactly the substance that makes tea so valuable as a fertilizer. Tein should namely have a disinfecting effect on the plants and even drive away pests.

2 tips for using tea as a fertilizer

Tea can be used as a fertilizer in two different ways. Both variants are briefly presented here.

»Tip 1 - Liquid fertilizer:

You can use tea very well as a liquid fertilizer. Simply boil some tea bags and then let the tea cool. Alternatively, you can just hang a few teabags in a watering can with water and let them stand for several hours. Then you can use it to water potted plants, outdoor plants or home-grown plants.

»Tip 2 - Use tea set as fertilizer:

Like coffee grounds, you can also use tea set and tea leaves as fertilizer. This should mainly fertilize only outdoor plants and enrich your compost. Here, the variety selection is also completely no matter, you must not spread the tea set loose on the bed, otherwise it attracts vermin. Tea set and tea leaves should always be slightly underpinned.


Although tea can improve nutrient-poor soil in the short term, this is not a permanent substitute for conventional fertilizers. You should therefore never use tea as an all-purpose fertilizer, but instead use it as an ecologically harmless combination preparation.

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