Teak furniture care with high-pressure cleaner recommended?

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Anyone who calls modern teak furniture their own can indeed be happy. Teak wood has become a much sought-after material in the recent past for the production of indoor and outdoor furniture.
Not without reason, because it is distinguished in the first line by its remarkable, optical nature.
Especially the interesting coloring is what convinces the consumer again and again. In this regard, especially the attractive grain of the surface is worth mentioning.
This is different for each piece of furniture, so that each garden chair, each table, any bench, any rule or any lounger made of teak wood can be justifiably referred to as a single piece.

Can it be a bit of luxury?

Although garden furniture per se in the purchase a little more expensive compared to outdoor products made of rattan, aluminum, plastic and so on. However, this "extra effort" usually pays for itself after just a few years.
Because teak wood is generally extremely robust, stable, hard-wearing and durable. And it also convinces the demanding, cost-conscious user with regard to the expected maintenance effort. Because with only a small amount of time and money can be achieved much.

Teak is becoming increasingly popular. Not without reason

Reasons enough for more and more consumers to opt for the purchase of teak furniture. The highlight: teak wood furniture is ideal both for the interior design and for the spatial design of outdoor facilities.
Not only that the sun, wind, frost, heat and humidity can hardly harm the wood. Even the aspect that not even sweat, chlorine water, sun creams or other liquids affect the quality of teak speaks for itself.

Teak makes a lot of things and stays beautiful for years to come

Most manufacturers offer teak furniture in untreated wood. In general, many teak fans appreciate it when such a piece of furniture "weathers" over time. This means that the valuable, exotic wood develops a kind of patina, whereby the surface of the wood becomes slightly silver-gray. (Incidentally, this has no adverse effect on the quality of the wood.)
On the other hand, on the other hand, many consumers want their teak garden furniture to retain their original appearance from a visual point of view as well. However, in order to be able to guarantee this over many years, a special "additional treatment" is required. For this one uses a glaze, which offers a special protection against weather influences of all kinds.
Humidity, climatic fluctuations, UV radiation and Co. can therefore no longer harm the wood. These so-called sealers protect the wood and thus prevent fading or "weathering" of the surface. Before the sealer can be applied, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the wood and remove dust and dirt. Only then can the glaze unfold their full effect. A high-pressure cleaner always performs very well during cleaning.

Robust in every way

Of course, cleaning teak with a high-pressure cleaner is far less time-consuming and more strenuous than removing dirt with a brush and natural soap. Is the use of a high-pressure cleaner for the care of high-quality natural material but recommended?
Quite, provided that certain "basic rules" are observed. To prevent the surface of teak furniture becoming rough and unattractive over time, the pressure should never exceed 60 psig. In addition, a minimum distance between the wood and the nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner should be maintained from about thirty to forty centimeters. A shorter distance can damage the surface or help to form small hairline cracks.
This would be the ideal basis for dust and dirt again the opportunity to einereinisten. Consequently, if the high-pressure cleaner is set to "gentle cycle", even stubborn dirt particles can be removed; the wood itself, however, takes no damage.

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