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Teak is very popular. It has many good features and is often used for garden furniture and also for decking. In principle, teak wood does not need to be groomed. If you do not bother with the silvery patina, which does not develop over time, then cleaning the wood occasionally will suffice.
But if you want to preserve the beautiful warm color, then the teak wood must be treated regularly. It is best to take teak oil. Teak oil consists of linseed oil, wood oil, castor oil, natural resin and other manufacturer-specific ingredients. One has the choice between colorless and pigmented oils. The wood surface is easily rubbed and then the oil is applied. You use a rag or brush. Sprays are also available, but are used less frequently. It is important to wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth after drying.

Benefits of teak oil

  • it preserves the natural beauty
  • it is open-pored and therefore penetrates deeply
  • the wood can breathe
  • no splintering
  • suitable for permanent care
  • Easy to process
  • improves the weather resistance

Disadvantages of teak oil

  • Too frequent application lubricates the pores, the surface remains sticky. Once a year is enough!
  • flammable
  • Not toxic, but wear protective gloves and apply the oil outdoors.
  • Flaps soaked in teak oil tend to self-ignite. Better to burn them right after use.


The prices for teak oil depend on the manufacturer and the ingredients contained therein. The prices can be quite different. Teak oils are generally available for all tropical and hardwoods. The liter costs about 15 euros. If you are not sure which of the numerous oils you should take, you can first buy a small bottle or use a sample and try it out. The 150 ml bottle usually costs about 5 euros.

Manufacturer and dealer

Teak oil is available wherever teak furniture or teak wood is available. You can buy it at a hardware store, at a retailer or on the Internet. The prices are not too different. Manufacturers are chemical companies such as "LIVOS Pflanzenenchemie GmbH & Co. KG", companies that specialize in natural materials such as "Naturhaus Naturfarben GmbH" and paint manufacturers such as "Adler-Werk Lackfabrik Johann Berghoefer GmbH & Co KG".
For those who want to preserve the natural beauty of their teak furniture or patio floor, teak oil is indispensable. Teak does not need much care, but you should treat it to one treatment a year. That's all it takes.

Editorial tips

  • Teak oil with Aqua-stop must be applied according to the manufacturer only every three years.
  • Never use the oil over dirt and oil deposits, otherwise the wood will become very dark over time. Clean with teak cleaner before!
  • Oil only dry wood!

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