Camping in the garden - It works out with these ideas and tips

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Sitting at the campfire at sunset with the kids and the truncheon? With these 7 ideas camping in the garden becomes a wonderful experience.

Tents garden

To exchange the children's room for a tent for one or more nights is a great experience for almost all children. The own garden is particularly suitable for trying out. If there is a thunderstorm, you can quickly find shelter in the house. Especially with the smaller children, the enthusiasm is even greater when dad spends the night in the tent.

The summer invites you to camp right. The nights are short and warm and if the weather still plays, the adventure is perfect. When camping in your own garden you can have at least as much fun as at a lake or in the mountains.

Camping in the garden - What is needed?

  • The most important thing is of course a tent. High-quality camping equipment (fingers away from supermarket offers!) You can get from various online retailers, such as You can also ask friends and acquaintances for a tent.
  • An insulated sleeping pad is just as important if you want to spend the night with your children in the tent. Here are conventional mattresses, commercial sleeping pads or sheepskin warm the body from below.
  • Included in the camping equipment is a sleeping bag, or alternatively a pillow and blanket. So it gets nice cuddly warm at night too. Because once the body is cool, it takes forever to get warm again. Falling asleep quickly is out of the question and the adventure of camping becomes more of a nightmare.
  • It is also recommended to have a flashlight for an emergency.
  • Warm summer nights are also very popular with mosquitoes, so you should think about mosquito repellent. You can also attach a mosquito net to the tent if it is not already there.

Camping in the garden - ideas for the whole family

Tents garden campfire

When camping you do not have to offer the kids anything special. Alone, that all are together, is the greatest joy for the children. Nevertheless, you can increase the fun factor even more with some games.

Billet dough around the campfire

A campfire makes every child's heart beat faster. In the forest, collect a lot of horseback for a long time, and then grill a stick of dough. Since the children like to give up on gummy bears, chips & Co.

night walk

Organize in advance a small night walk. Quietly bring in a few friends. Only equipped with the flashlight, it goes on a journey of discovery.

scavenger hunt

Even a scavenger hunt is always a great adventure for children.

flashlight Games

Instead of a bedtime story, you can play with the flashlight shadow games on the tent wall. The imagination knows no limits. A fun and exciting fun for everyone.

I am packing my suitcase

Also a popular game is I am packing my suitcase, Here the memory is put to the test shortly before sleep. Who will win here? Dad or child?


Depending on how old your children are, you could as well City-Country-River play. All you need is at least two notes and two pens.

Silent Post and Who am I?

With Who am I? The person rates or silent post can also pass the time to bed.

Can you contribute even more ideas for an unforgettable tent night in your own garden? Then please use the comment function! Just in with your ideas and tips.

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