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The transition from the terrace to the garden is not well designed. The still young Buchseinfassung for the bed makes a few curves that are structurally unfounded. The bed itself does not have much to offer besides a book ball and a young tree. Also, the terrace covering of red-brown concrete slabs is not very appealing.

Suggestion 1: Round shapes set the tone

Although the lawn continues to be the center of attention in the garden, it has a much sweeter appearance due to its round shape. A strip of small plaster surrounds the green carpet.

Terrace with hedge hedge

In our first design idea, the terrace is enclosed by a hedge

The terrace, which is separated from the garden only by a low edging hedge from Buch, is newly created in a semi-circular shape. The existing stone slabs are combined with small colorful decorative stones. A mixed flower border is created around the lawn, shaded by an apple tree and a cherry tree and a pear on the terrace. Large tuffs with purple ornamental sage, yellow sun hat and white daisies provide rural charm. Wherever there is room, the tall flower stalks of blue larkspur and pink hollyhocks aspire upward. In between shine bookballs and wonderfully fragrant small shrub lilac.
A cozy bench is set up in front of the already existing privacy strip of shrubs. In addition they planted ferns and peasant hydrangeas. Behind the fence may be a vine. The old garage roof on the terrace is removed. The garage wall is conquered by grapevines.

Suggestion 2: Colorful interplay

After removing the old garage roof, the view from outside falls directly onto the terrace. Therefore, the existing Hainbuchen hedge on the right garden side is further complemented to the terrace. The edge of the terrace is relocated in a staircase shape. The existing gray plates get a pattern by loose sprinkling of the dark stones.

Terrace with wooden pergola hedge bow

A wooden pergola sprinkled with climbing roses conceals the garage roof

In the place of the old garage roof moves a wooden pergola, on which a white climbing rose 'Ilse Krohn Superior' grows. At their feet are lavender bushes. In the transition from the terrace pavement to the lawn, narrow strips of plant with Spierstrauch, lavender, holyweed and sunflower add. These plants grow compact, almost roundish and can be cut into shape after flowering.
Exactly the same plants, also planted in narrow rows, are found in the lawn again. Here, however, there are still beds with daylily, blue oat, books and bulbous flowers. In the middle of the lawn, a ball-steppe-cherry rises above the square bed of sheep's fescue. Ball crowns also bear the high trunks of the Mediterranean snowball, which, planted with red mini-petunias, stand on the terrace.

The planting plans for both design proposals can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

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