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The terrace has an interesting shape, but looks a bit bare and has no optical connection to the lawn. The Thuja hedge in the background should remain as a screen. In addition to more colored flowers, there is a demand for a beautiful transition from the terrace to the garden as well as plants that take the austerity of the Thuja hedge.

Suggestion 1: Playful shapes and delicate colors

The leaf-shaped lawn surface first catches the eye with this design idea. They are the result of beautifully curved beds from the terrace to the "leaf tip", which are planted with a variety of shrubs and perennials in pink, purple and white. A special eye-catcher is the series of boxwood balls of different sizes: it starts in recesses on the terrace and stretches out into the lawn as a "leaf vein". Optical center is a ball-trumpet tree, which is planted directly in front of the terrace. He wears bright green, heart-shaped foliage and offers in the summer a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. Unlike the normal trumpet tree, it does not bloom.

Terrace and leafy lawn

The lawn in leaf shape gives our first design idea a special and fresh impression

The flowers in pastel tones open in May, the Kolkwitzien, flowering shrubs with pink bells, and the tender pink rock cranesbill, which is planted in the flower beds as a ground cover between the other shrubs. When the rose blossom begins, the garden has its peak: The white, simply flowering small shrub rose 'apple blossom', the pink, nostalgically filled bed rose 'Crescendo', purple catnip and purple balloon flower to bloom. In between grow tuffs of giant ball-shaped tub, whose purple-blue flower balls dance playfully over the other bedding plants. White summer lilac brightens the picture. In autumn, the white cushion-aster 'Kristina' brings life to the bed once again, accompanied by filigree riding grass.
The leaf shape of the lawn is best felt when the edges are bordered with a steel band or a row of paving stones. So the border between the bed and the lawn is clearly defined and mowing becomes a lot easier. The bookballs and the ball-trumpet tree are planted in the grassy area. For the beginning of the book series on the terrace, three plates and the underlying gravel layer are removed so that there is ground contact again. The holes are filled with fresh earth and planted with different sized bookballs. The earth's surface can be covered with fine gravel or grit, which looks clean and reduces weed growth. Now it is only necessary to keep the balls accurately in shape with a special boxwood shears.

Suggestion 2: Modern water garden with format

Clear lines and geometric shapes determine the second design idea. The terrace is complemented by a pool of water and a pebble bed, which are planted only with water lilies or grasses and slowly lead to the lawn and the lush flowering perennial beds.

Water garden with terrace pebble bed

Our second design idea transforms the terrace and garden into a modern water garden

To take the austerity of these surfaces, they are interlaced. Three tread plates in the pool allow access to the lawn. The pebble bed, on the other hand, lives from the different stone sizes: small pebbles, larger Wacker and heavy boulders are arranged to a natural-looking landscape. In between, filigree feather grass and an imposing miscanthus provide vertical structures. The stones can be found on the terrace again: four gabion stools filled with large pebbles visually connect the terrace and the gravel surface while providing practical additional seating.
The color scheme is just as clear as the design language: blue and yellow determine the picture. In spring, yellow forsythia 'Week End' begin the flower-leap. They are only up to two meters high and remain so in terms of size in the frame. The eye-catcher in the water is from May the yellow water lily 'Marliacea Chromatella'. Light yellow daylilies 'Buried Treasure' in the background of the flower beds loosen up the plants and at the same time take away the rigor of the Thuja hedge. They are accompanied by golden yellow bearded iris 'Carolina Gold', steppe sage 'blue mound', blue poppy and yellow evening primrose 'high light'. In the gaps between them, lady's mantle thrives with velvety-green leaves and pale yellow veils. Bearded flowers contribute with their gray-green foliage and from August with their steel-blue flowers more cool shades. They are accompanied by the blue star blossoms of the Cushion-Aster 'Blue Lagoon' until autumn.

Planting plans for both design proposals can be downloaded as a PDF document.

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