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So you know the Mediterranean plants from the south: pink bougainvillea in front of white house walls, gnarled olive trees, richly hung with fruit, and man-sized rosemary bushes that fill their surroundings in the shimmering summer heat with spicy aromas. Have you ever experienced a full-size cylinder cleaner? In some hotels, the trees can be found as mature specimens that provide a fiery spectacle with their flowers. Thanks to the mild winter, the exotic can unfold to their full splendor. In our latitudes they need a frost-free winter quarters, in which they survive the cold weeks well.

Plants for the Mediterranean seat

In May, the southerners can also move into their regular places in the garden. Planted in tubs and much more compact than their big siblings, they bring a sense of Mediterranean lifestyle to them. In sunny summers they bloom just as lush and exude their scents. The fruits of kumquat, lemon and olive trees grow up and mature here in Germany. Memories of past journeys are awakened when Oleander and Co. are arranged with the right accessories and furniture.

Agave, Zierlauf and Schopflavendel

In the bulbous pot, the agave becomes an eye-catcher in the bed. The blue-green of its leaves harmonizes with the many flower balls of the ornamental onion and the lavender-lavender

Typical oriental, greek or italian - maybe you will be inspired by our suggestions for a mediterranean furnished corner in your own garden. Bougainvillea, cylinder brush and most other potted plants flower best in full sunshine. Exceptions like the laurel tree confirm the rule: he feels as comfortable in the sun as in the shade. The adaptability of Mediterranean plants to dryness and barren soils, as they are known from the south, applies only to planted shrubs. In the bucket, they regularly need water and fertilizer to present themselves in all their glory.

Dreams of 1000 and one night

Terrace in oriental style

Design proposal for a seat in oriental style

Bedded on a divan, a jug of mint tea within reach - of course brewed with Moroccan mint - and the bizarre flower brushes of the cylinder cleaner directly above the nose - so you can enjoy the summer day at home! A must for the little Orient corner are colorful cushions and colorful potted plants. In addition to the fire-red flowers of the cylinder cleaner, the many violet flower wheels of the gentian shrub (Solanum) are doing well. The white-flowering star jasmine (Trachelospermum) exudes a wonderfully sweet perfume. The pomegranate tree (Punica granatum) adorns itself with red flowers and fruits.

A piece of Greece

Olive stems, lemon tree and the blue-flowering chaste tree decorate the seat

Olive stems, lemon tree and the blue-flowering chaste tree decorate the seat

Crete, Paros or Santorini - the tavern chairs made of wood with a wickerwork seat are typical of Greece. They also form the centerpiece of the design for the stylish corner in your own garden. The best way to set up your private holiday island in front of a warm white house wall, on simple flooring such as river pebbles. Lemon tree, olive trunks and the blue-flowering chaste tree remind of their big brothers and sisters in the south. Pots with red geraniums, an amphora and figures made of frost-resistant terracotta complete the scenery.

Rustic Tuscan flair

Tuscan-style terrace

The aromatic leaves of the laurel tree can be harvested fresh from the shrub. Spicy aromas emit thyme, oregano and lavender

Nothing characterizes the Tuscan hills more than the silhouettes of evergreen cypresses (Cupressus), which tower into the sky. For the "Bella Italia" feeling in the own garden, a pillar in Klein as a container plant makes an impression - contrasted with the round crown of the laurel tree. Two oleanders relax the sitting area with pink and red flowers. Grainy herbs such as thyme, oregano and lavender exude their spicy aromas in the sun, while the country-rustic wooden table feasts extensively. True to style: vessels and decoration from Impruneta.

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