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Plant onions in pots

In September, the planting season begins for bulbous flowers such as hyacinth, tulip and others. For planting in trays and tubs, use special container potting soil that mixes with a third of coarse sand.

Clematis in the pot

Small-flowered clematis varieties with a long flowering period and the pruning group 3 are best suited for the planting of the plants, such as Clematis hybrids "Piilu" and Clematis viticella "Aotearoa". The planter should hold at least 20 to 30 liters of earth volume and have drainage holes in the bottom. Place a stable trellis around the planting hole, then insert the clematis, fill with soil and press down. Carefully remove the bamboo rod and guide the plant shoots evenly up the climbing aid. Pour vigorously, pour regularly in the summer months and provide full fertilizer. The annual cut is in November / December, where a deep pruning down to 20 to 50 inches above the ground takes place. Winter protection is advisable, and make sure that the earth does not dry out.

Clematis Piilu

Small clematis varieties such as "Piilu" also thrive in the tub

Fertilize plants in the conservatory

In the conservatory, the plants only take a break in many weeks. So that they can continue to grow well, they are supplied with fertilizer on a regular basis, preferably at intervals of two to four weeks.

Give the first container plants

Cold-sensitive potted and tub plants that have spent the summer on the balcony, such as hibiscus, spice bark (cassia), azalea, cactus and ornamental banana can be given already at the end of the month. In the winter months you need temperatures of at least ten degrees Celsius. From September you should no longer fertilize these plants, because the nutrients are not needed in the cool winter quarters.

Give hibiscus

Hibiscus is quite sensitive to cold. He should be admitted at the end of the month

Sow or transplant hornbeams

Horned Viola (Viola cornuta) sown in August bloom between March and June, when they are now transplanted into beds or balcony boxes. During the winter they are covered with fir-trees. Sowing the violet seeds only at the end of September, the flowers may appear only in May, but hold for almost the entire season through. Hibernate seedlings that are late in the day, cool and bright in the house, and bring them back to the open air from April.


Horned Violet (Viola cornuta)

Plant Christmas roses now

Depending on the variety, Christmas roses (Helleborus niger) bloom from November to March. A strong effect of the perennial plant, when in a group of three to five plants or together with spring flowers such as crocus in a pot is set. Autumn is a good time for planting, even if the plants still look inconspicuous. Choose a sufficiently high pot because Christmas roses are deep root. Mix pot plant soil with loamy garden soil and fill the soil with a drainage layer of expanded clay.

Christmas rose pot

Christmas roses are a beautiful winter decoration in the pot

Extend flowering period of bougainvilleas

Those who really cut bougainvillea, which are often called driftwoods, can look forward to new autumn blossoms until autumn. For this purpose, each time the brightly colored bracts are dried parchment-like, not only the old inflorescences are cut off, but just a bit more. Put the scissors 20 to 30 centimeters below the inflorescences. After that, the Bougainvillea branch fresh - and each branch starts new flowers after three to four weeks. In this way you have from April to October, winter garden owners often even by the turn of the year flowering plants that do not grow to the sky on top of that.

Black-eyed Susanne support

Black-eyed Susanne

Growing climbers can use a higher support in autumn

The vigorous climbing plants grow up in the pot, on the screen walls and on the balcony railing. If the whiz-starters grow beyond their climbing aid, you can now push the shoots further upwards with a post attached. The one-year-old cultivated plant is still regularly fertilized in late summer. Pay attention to an even water supply without waterlogging.

Petunias overwinter

Do not throw away your petunias at the end of the season, as they can be hibernated well. At the end of September, clean the plants in a bright, cool, frost-free room in the house. Ideal is a temperature between five and ten degrees Celsius, the soil should be slightly moist. Avoid waterlogging. As the days get longer, cut back the petunia or pull new plants from cuttings.

Trim the leadwort

The easy-to-clean leadwort (Plumbago auriculata) flowers in tender light blue from August. To prevent fungal diseases and early blooming, the flowers must be regularly cleaned. Remove the faded parts daily, ensure a regular supply of water, avoid waterlogging, and enjoy Plumbago until late in the fall.


The filigree leadwort is also well suited to the Unterpfanzung of Hochstämmchen or for window boxes

Clean empty pots

Empty planters should be thoroughly cleaned before storage. Reason: The lime deposits on clay pots are easier to remove with vinegar water if the clay is still wet from regular watering. In addition, the same possible pathogens are killed when cleaning.

Autumn planting for flower boxes

The summer planting in the flower boxes is slowly becoming unsightly at the end of September. Therefore, you should now replace them with autumn flowering arrangements with summer heather (Calluna), chrysanthemums and other suitable species. Warm colors, such as red, pink, orange and silver shine particularly strong in the autumn sun. Grasses like bluegrass, blue-winged or sedges add momentum to the colorful arrangements.

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