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Hobbyists find in DIY stores a large selection of kits that can be used to build a patio roof yourself. However, before starting work, you should inquire as to whether you need a building permit in your community. If the weather protection for the garden nothing stands in the way, you are faced with the agony of choice: Should it be a terrace roofing made of wood or you prefer to rely on plastic or precious metal? When making your decision, make sure that the material harmonizes with both your home and the rest of the garden. An old house is often better wood to face, a modern construction also tolerates metal or plastic.

Wood needs regular care

Terrace wood roof seat

Wood is weather resistant, but should be deleted regularly

Although plastic is weather-resistant, it can also look neglected after a short time. Wood gives your patio roof cozy charm, but needs regular care so it does not weather. Metal is expensive, but durable. Depending on the style, this canopy can look very cozy or modern. Support for a well-being terrace with weather protection is also available at the hardware store or in the garden center. Plants that entwine around the piles or over the roof, give the house cultivation only the personal charm. With a translucent roof, they even provide natural and reliable sun protection after some time. In addition to ivy, ornamental wine is particularly good.

Windbreak for the patio roof

Terrace awning seat

The classic awning is flexible, but does not withstand stronger weather

Normally the sides of the terrace roofing are open. In the wind, the tablecloth beats over the cake table or the grill buffet. How about if you mount a few side panels for this case, which can be removed if necessary again? So you provide a cozy place where you can even stay late into the evening, because even the cold is a little bit insulated. With flower boxes or potted plants beautify the windbreak completely to your liking. Many plants can even hibernate in the frost-protected location.

How much is the weather protection?

The costs are based on the material, size and quality of the terrace roofing. Small and simple variants of wood start at around 300 euros. More elaborate constructions cost five times faster. And who can build a patio roof by a horticultural architect made to measure, which must expect much higher prices.

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