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The terrace in front of the clinker house is usable, but visually not well integrated into the garden and the planters have no uniform style. The strips of bright red hang pile stones on the terrace and the house wall are home to lush flowers and especially brown earth. With a lot of yellow on the sunny side and tender spring messengers in the garden, we have two design proposals.

Suggestion 1: With yellow on the sunny side

The warm yellow painted garden chairs are an eye-catcher on the inviting, slightly raised wooden terrace. Gämswurz, milkweed, columbines and daffodils decorate the beds in the same color in spring. In between light-yellow shamethas and pillow-primrose bloom.

yellow terrace with pergola

The rust-red color is found in the wall lamps and planters again

Another clay used around the terrace is warm rusty red - inspired by the already existing corten steel fire bowl. The lightweight vessels are made of plastic in rust-look. In the summer, the brightly rusty daylilies 'Bruno Müller' bloom in the flower beds. To ensure that the fire bowl - which for safety's sake is placed on a round stone slab - is often used, a cozy outdoor beanbag is behind it. The restrained gray and brown tones of the beanbag, decking and pergola ensure that the yellow and rusty red come into their own. White-flowering plants such as the spring clematis 'Albina Plena' and the lupine take over the same part. In the shady area behind the pasture, the white nap of dwarf goat's beard and Solomon's seal also serves to brighten up.

Daffodils and peonies flower bed

If two plants share a space, you can look forward to more flowers: Primrose and peony (red bud), right Narcissus and lady's mantle (green leaves)

To beat a hot summer day, a sunshade is attached to the top of the pergola. The weatherproof cloth can be pulled up and pulled over wire at will. The two inwardly offset posts are directly opposite the patio door and mark the transition to the garden. At the same time they support the very long crossbar. For a completely airy terrace the dark garage awning had to give way and the balcony had to have a bright front.

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