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The newly built semidetached house has nearly forty square meters of garden space along the spacious terrace. Although this is oriented to the south, but adjacent to the access road of the Neubauviertel. The owners are looking for ideas on how to create a small but beautiful garden that is not visible from the outside.

Suggestion 1: Cozy garden room in pastel

Even if the area is quite small, this proposal still includes many important elements of a "real" garden: lawns, flower beds, a tree, an extra seat and a water feature. The lawn is directly connected to the wide terrace and can be crossed on three treadplates. They connect the garden gate with a small sitting area. In the center of the garden pebbles and boulders form a small island with a water feature. The remaining areas are designed as flowery beds.

Design proposal cozy garden room in pastel

A screen in the direction of the street offers wood panels in staggered heights and, to loosen up, three integrated and covered with honeysuckle trellis

The flower colors are limited to pastel shades of pink and white. A dense groundcover, the Silberwurz, is used extensively and supplemented with shrubs, perennials, grasses and onion flowers. Striking is the ash leafy maple, which enhances the spatial effect in the small garden room. With delicate wild tulips the flowering begins in April: The pretty variety 'Lilac Wonder' pushes through the winter-green silverwort and conjures, together with the white spring spar, a cheerful spirit of optimism in the open-air room. In May are "wallpaper" and "carpet" turn: The honeysuckle on the trellises and the flat silver root on the ground open their flowers.

Perennial flowerbed with boulders

Large boulders provide natural flair in the mini-garden. They appear randomly laid out, but are deliberately placed to create tension. Panicle hydrangea, ball thistle, giant steppe candle, bluish rod millet and sun hat flatter the stone, silverwort lies like a carpet at its feet

Imposing is the up to two-meter-high giant steppe candle, which presents itself from June, followed by pinkish-pink panicle hydrangea 'Pinky Winky', white ball thistle, superb candle and white and pink coneflower from July. Only a few weeks later, the rodent millet 'Heavy Metal' contributes a nice late summer aspect that lasts into autumn.

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