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BEFORE: The height difference between the terrace and the garden is intercepted by a natural stone wall, two stairs lead from the seat down to the garden. Now there is still a suitable planting for the slightly sloping marginal beds. It is important that the plants are able to cope well with heat and drought.

Suggestion1: Mixed double - roses and herbs

The stone-walled slope bed on the terrace is mainly planted with perennial herbs. Because lavender, rosemary, thyme and oregano thrive best on sunny, dry soil. In addition, they are both a flower with and without blossom and fill the air with their wonderful scent.

Rosary with herbs

In our first design idea, we have opted for mixed beds

The mugwort sets with its gray foliage between the green herbs a beautiful accent and is considered an ideal rose companion. The lemon balm forms compact bushes and constantly supplies ingredients for refreshing teas in the summer. A total of four high-stemmed roses of the proven fragrance rose 'Gloria Dei' stretch their large, pale yellow to pink shimmering flowers towards the sun. Between the herbs grows the light pink flowering hybrid 'Frederic Mistral', from which also flowering branches can be cut for the vase.
On the patio door, a large stainless steel pergola provides ample room for the Akebie tendril, which opens its purple-brown fragrant flowers in May. With a torrent of pink, filled and also fragrant flowers spreads here also the climbing rose 'Shogun'. Their flowers are particularly rainproof.

Suggestion 2: For sun worshipers - blue and white flower stars

The ideal plants for sunny and dry garden areas are those with gray foliage. They reflect the sunlight very well. At the front and back of the terrace, willow-leaved pears are planted as tall trunks. Over time, they provide stylish privacy for the patio. From July to October the Blauraute attracts the attention. The ornamental shrub with its upright, over a meter high shoots is then decorated with blue inflorescences.

blue white ornamental shrubs

In our second design idea blue and white tones dominate the beds

Gray, velvety leaves are the hallmark of the Woll-Ziest 'Silver Carpet'. With purple flowers the ornamental sage inspires the Beetrand. Cut back after the first flowering in June, followed by a second flowering in August. Other gray-draped eminences include the shallowly growing juniper 'Blue Carpet' with evergreen steel blue needles and the blue grass with its gray-blue stalks. Ideal partners for the gray and blue plants are plants with white flowers. The half-filled white flowering shrub rose 'Kent' is growing in size. In June, white spur flowers and white plumage trump in the bed. The light violet-blue flowers of the mountain asters decide in late summer the flowers in the terrace garden.

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