Terrace in autumn - 5 smart decoration ideas

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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are uncomfortable and the sky is getting grayer - autumn is here! With our smart decoration ideas you bring back some color to your terrace.

Balcony autumn decoration pumpkin

The time that the sun tickles us awake in the morning, is so slowly over. We turn and turn in our bed and want to pull the blanket over our heads. In the evening exactly the same. We would rather make ourselves comfortable on the couch with a cuddly blanket and a hot cup of tea instead of doing some work in the garden. (Reading tip: winter garden - small checklist) It's almost the same everywhere.

Especially in our latitude it is not that the sky is always gray in gray from October and it is constantly raining. One does not speak in vain of the Golden October. Again, there are beautiful sunny days, where you can sit comfortably on the terrace and murmured in a blanket, the clear air can enjoy. So that the atmosphere is autumnal and inviting, today we have put together 5 smart decoration ideas for you.

5 autumnal decoration ideas for the terrace

➤ Tip 1 - Pumpkins for colored accents

Pumpkins are not only for Thanksgiving and Halloween as a decoration. Pumpkins in various colors and shapes are popular throughout the fall season. They form colorful splashes of color on tables or under flowering autumn flowers. Even in decorative bowls they are an absolute eye-catcher.

Pumpkins last really long and even ripen well in the autumnal sun. So you can still use the pumpkins after the decoration time. So that the pumpkins do not rot from below, you should now and then wipe them from below or place them in a basket with straw.

Of course, it is particularly appealing when the pumpkins have grown up in their own garden. So you can use the bed depending on your needs and by the different pumpkin varieties you are even spoiled for choice and are not only dependent on the supermarket next door. (Reading tip: planting pumpkins - 2 options)

➤ Tip 2 - Refill planters

Balcony autumn Deco Fill plant container

Just because the summery flowers and plants have left their heads, does not mean that your terrace must now look drab and bland. There are all sorts of plants that you can plant outside even in autumn. Very popular and especially known is the heathland. The trade holds here already some varieties ready. Some with flowers and others with always closed buds. Both look extremely attractive due to the color intensity and give beautiful color accents. (Reading tip: planting heather - how it's done)

In what you plant the heather is also entirely up to you. There are several possibilities here. For one thing, you can of course accommodate the plants in pots of all kinds. It looks very pretty autumnally when you plant it in woven baskets or lifelike boxes, which you can then decorate wonderfully.

Illuminated plant containers

A special highlight are also planters with luminous objects. The lighting creates a magical ambience during the evening and through the blooming heath get the color accents.

I have discovered such special planters for example at accentum.net. See picture on the right. Not very cheap but a real eye-catcher.

➤ Tip 3 - Make chestnuts and acorns

Balcony autumn decoration chestnuts

A very typical autumn decoration are chestnuts and acorns. Herewith you can make a lot of things. Very popular with children are small animals. Chestnuts can also be easily made into small chains that you can hang anywhere. Even simple strands with chestnuts and acorns alternately stocked, can be wonderfully attached to the terrace roofing.

Small wooden skewers with chestnuts and acorns can also easily be stuck in the soil of flower boxes or pots. I have found many unique ideas for handicrafts with chestnuts at heimwerker.de. Just have a look and browse a bit.

" Tip: If you do not feel like gathering chestnuts during the autumn walk, you will certainly find some kids in the neighborhood who, of course, like to gather for a small fee.

➤ Tip 4 - Fill vases with autumnal nature

Balcony autumn decoration

On tables and benches there is always a place to place vases, candles or something similar. They always create an enchanting feel-good atmosphere.

Instead of fresh flowers, vases can also be used elsewhere. Fill them with simple things from nature. These can be chestnuts, leaves, small pumpkins, acorns, beechnuts, pine cones, small horse mackerel or even bright apples. Arrange the individual materials beautifully and decorate the vase with a nice autumnal bow.Then put on a small colorful sea of ​​leaves and ready. So simple and yet an absolute eye-catcher.

➤ Tip 5 - Leaves and autumn wreaths beautify entry doors

Balcony autumn deco wreath

In autumn, the leaves are slowly but surely falling from the trees. Before you all return together and dispose on the compost, you can pick out the most beautiful and make a colorful autumn leaves wreath. Just put a small hole in the middle with a needle and thread a ribbon through it. At the end just make a small knot and the wreath is ready to hang.

Between the leaves you can also add chestnuts, rose hips or acorns. Not only does it look nice, it also adds a few extra touches. If individual leaves are not enough for you, you can also weave a real wreath of sticks and equip it with materials from nature. How this could look like is shown on the picture on the right.

For more creative ideas for fall with detailed step-by-step instructions, visit kidsweb.de. Among them are also a lot of figures to put down corn, rose hips, chestnuts, etc...

Have fun crafting and decorating!

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