Maintain wooden decking - How to do it right

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As long as a wooden terrace is not roofed, it is constantly exposed to a variety of weather conditions. That's why it's all about the right cleaning and care.

Terrace oil protects against weathering and graying

Wood is particularly vulnerable and needs appropriate care, so that the terrace looks attractive even after years. For example, UV radiation makes the wood brittle and bleaches it out. Moisture, however, penetrates into the fibers and makes them swell. Therefore, when deciding on a wooden terrace, you must be aware that this is also associated with a certain amount of maintenance.

Clean the wooden terrace properly

Before it goes to the actual care measures, of course, you first have to rid the wood of dirt. Important: to clean the planks, under no circumstances should cleaning agents containing acid be used as they would attack the wood. A simple soapy solution is already enough. Simply clean the terrace with a brush and the lye and it will be thoroughly clean. You can also clean the terrace with a high-pressure cleaner. Then you should not set this too much. Reading tip: Clean the terrace almost without chemicals: remove green coating & Co. naturally.

In the trade you will find special cleaning agents for certain types of wood. However, it is very important that the wood can dry completely for a few days before starting to apply the care products. So always choose a good-weather phase for the cleaning of the terrace, which lasts several days and in which there is no rain in sight.

Maintain wooden terrace properly

Wood bleaches out over time, so sooner or later it will turn gray. If you like this phenomenon, you can do without expensive care procedures. However, always bear in mind that the care not only preserves the natural color of the wood, but also protects it against mold, insect infestation and rot. In addition, good care extends the life of the wood. Therefore, always pay attention to the following during maintenance:

➤ decide when laying tropical timber:

If you want to keep the maintenance as low as possible, then decide when laying the decking boards for tropical woods. These are much harder and more resistant. It is also sufficient if you apply an oil on the decking from time to time. A special glaze is not necessary in this case.

➤ Treat the terrace with oil after laying:

Immediately after laying a wooden terrace, it is advisable to start with the care of the planks. To protect the wood from weathering and graying right from the start, treat it with a special terracotta oil (available here, for example). This also preserves the natural color and protects against UV radiation and moisture.

There is this oil not only in nature, but in many different shades. You just need to apply it evenly with a wide brush or a puff. Important: The oil should only be applied to completely dry wood. After two days you can enter the terrace again.

➤ Clean the terrace once a year:

In addition to this initial care, it is advisable to devote one year to the thorough care of the wooden floorboards. After you have cleaned the terrace and the wood has dried completely, you can treat it again with the special care oil. The best time to do this is spring, after removing the dirt from the winter period.

If the wood is already grayed, a special care product, also known as degumming, can be used (for example, available here). Also apply the degreaser with a brush on the cleaned, dry wood and rinse with water later. After only a few minutes you can see the effect.

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