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Design proposal new building with bedding strips

The starting point for our design proposals is this garden strip on a new building

The starting point

The terrace of the new building faces south and is bounded to the front by the parallel to the house running street. The owners therefore want a privacy screen so that they can use the seat undisturbed. The design and the planting should fit the modern style of the house.
With Bärenfell-Schwingel we stage in our first design proposal a lush front yard with momentum. Flowering plant strips give a lawn in our second design idea a pleasant structure.

Suggestion 1: Homely front yard with momentum

Sunny yellow in the first design creates cheerful splashes of color, both in the flower colors and in the seating that was chosen to match. So that you can really enjoy this spot in the front yard undisturbed, a dense, evergreen bamboo hedge is planted to the street. Through a half-height gabion wall, the area can be heaped up to a flat surface.

Front yard with tulips Bearskin

In spring, tulips sprout between the spirally planted bearskin furs

A striking eye-catcher at the entrance is the Ginkgo tree, which, with its bright green fan leaves, is a perfect match for the yellow flowers in the bed. This is varied with shrubs, grasses, onion flowers and shrubs.
On the other hand, the gravel area, which directly adjoins the terrace and has a special planting, has a somewhat quieter effect: The bear fur felig variety 'Pic Carlit' winds its way serpentine over the gray stones and is accompanied in the spring by yellow botanical tulips.

Tulips in the arrangement with bearskin

Exactly these tulips are the ones that start the flower-leaflets in April: The variety 'Natura Artis Magistra' grows compact and only 25 centimeters high. At about the same time, the delicate spring spiers open their white flowers. The two-dimensional Geranium 'Album', also planted in white, the early orange-yellow torch lily 'Early Buttercup' and - in two pots on the house wall - the two sunny yellow Clematis 'Helios' will come across in May, the pale yellow firewort and the filigree flowers of the bearskin. Schwingels from June.

Bearskin shrub

The fine stalks of the globally growing bearskin fescue 'Pic Carlit' remain green even during the winter months

Even in the summer, there are still new things to discover when Chinasilis 'Little Fountain' as well as Yellow Gold Haired Aster and White Garden Marshmallow 'Jeanne d'Arc' begin to bloom for several weeks. In autumn, the leaves of the ginkgo tree shine bright yellow.

Suggestion 2: Flowering stripes in the lawn

Even if the terrace is in front of the house, a solution is desirable in which you can have breakfast or barbecue undisturbed outdoors.

Terrace with hedges wall

Flowering stripes in the lawn prevent the lawn from becoming monotonous.

So that no one sits on the presentation plate at this property, the terrain rising to the rear was the first to be converted into a flat surface. For this earth was poured and set a low concrete retaining wall made of L-stones. Their gray and their simplicity are a perfect match for the house. Towards the sidewalk different lengths of hedges made of red beech alternate with walls made of wood-plastic composite material (WPC, from the English Wood-Plastic Composites) from the garden. The side to the driveway was left open, so that you can already enjoy the view of the plant strips when you get home. In addition, the seat looks so generous. If you do not like this open solution, you can either set other beech hedges and screens - or plant half-height shrubs like viburnum and hydrangea.

Planting strips with dynamics

Snow shine flowers

Snow shine or snowstorm blooms in March and prefers warm, sunny locations with well drained soil.

The seat on the terrace gets through the Gold-Gleditschie a cozy atmosphere and pleasant shadow. The yellow-green leaves of the tree also convey a welcoming, cheerful mood. The same applies to the Gold-Funkien and the winter-green gold-edge sedges in the beds.
The plant strips in front of the terrace create a soothing dynamic through their different widths and lengths. Two planters on the seat also provide room for perennials and bulbous flowers. The plants, which all bloom in blue, white and yellow, are repeated in the bed on the rear, smaller terrace, creating a harmonious overall picture. Between the plants, the soil is covered with light gravel. This looks good, keeps the moisture in the soil and helps to keep the weeds at bay.Between the plants placed white ball lights provide in the evening for a nice light mood. The two seats are connected by a path along the front of the house. In order to set good distance between paths and terraces, the gray WPC planks are laid alternately along and across.

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