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A terraced garden usually offers only little space to realize their own design ideas. In addition comes the unfavorably cut property. But even those who call a narrow towel garden his own, can make more of it than might be suspected at first glance. The most important thing is that you commit yourself to a style and implement it consistently. You want to bring more structure into the area? Then choose straight lines and clear construction elements for a modern style. With gabions, raised beds or basins, a formal garden can also be divided into different areas. Fascinating design possibilities arise here through the use of symmetrically placed elements or plants. By contrast, devotees of the romantic style can create different garden spaces with an arched path and curved bed edges as well as lush arches.


Also, be clear what elements you want in your terraced garden or which you still miss. Do you like to cook with fresh herbs? Then think about how to integrate a herbal corner near the terrace. This can be quite space-saving a hanging shelf with herb pots, a raised bed or a herbal spiral. You want a second seat that allows you to retire once and experience the garden from a different perspective? Draw a full-scale sketch of your property and slide the imaginary bench on the plan until you find the ideal location. Sometimes it can also be helpful to define certain areas with different substrates such as a gravel pad or a wooden dock. And the most important thing: Make sure you have an attractive planting all year round.

Modern design

Symmetric Riehenhaus garden

The limited area of ​​a row house garden can be structured very well with straight lines

On the terrace, which is covered with large slabs, not only a generous sitting set can be found, but also two raised beds, which are placed on the sides. Herbs and vegetables grow here, making them practically harvestable for meal preparation. Four evenly distributed pots with bamboos mark the transition from the terrace into the garden and provide structure even in winter. On the long sides rows of tubs, planted with the hydrangea hydrangea 'Limelight', and lined with book balls benches together. On the narrow garden wall opposite the terrace, a waterfall is installed, which pours into the central water basin, the defining design element of this garden. The waterfall is symmetrically framed by two garden benches covered with clematis arches. On grass is completely omitted, but the free area is poured with gravel. Grasses and drought-loving shrubs loosen up the formal picture in a contrasting manner. The combination of white flowers with fresh leaf green looks very noble in the modern garden.

Romantic design

Romantic terraced garden

The soft lines start at the border of the terrace with sweeping paving stones

While the directly adjoining rose high trunks inspire with fragrance and Blütenopulenz, leads the lavender-lined path into the garden and leads in a gentle sweep through the lawn to the philosopher's bench in the back garden corner. From there you can enjoy your refuge from a completely different perspective. The adjacent apple tree provides a pleasant shade, and the wooden swing attached to its branches underlines the romantic atmosphere. Another seating opportunity can be found on the long side, bordered by two semicircular beds planted with perennials in cool pinks and blues. Close to the terrace, they are joined by a wall fountain whose shape also takes up the semicircle. The lapping of the water provides an atmospheric background while sitting on the terrace. The sense of smell is stimulated by fragrant aromatic plants that fill the perennial flowerbed directly in front of the paved seat. A fragrant jasmine provides some shade, and in the flower beds bloom typical butterfly plants such as phlox and beard flower and a summer lilac (Buddleja). Clematis climbing on the fence provide the blooming frame.

Philosophers bench in terraced garden

A philosopher's bank is best placed at the garden border. The back wall creates a cozy feeling and the cushions invite you to sit comfortably in the shade

Expert Tips

For garden planner Tobias Domroes of the planning office Ideas Square terraced gardens are among the most exciting design objects. How to get the best out of small plots, he reveals in an interview.

Mr. Domroes, what are the typical pros and cons of a terraced garden?

The maintenance of a terraced garden can be a bit more difficult, because the garden is partly only accessible through the house and the lawnmower is bad to store. On the other hand, due to the small area, the total care effort is limited. Proximity to the neighbors can promote an intense coexistence, but also lead to conflicts. In terms of design, there is less scope for development, but you can also treat yourself to something more exclusive.

Climbing roses and clematis

Climbing roses and clematis are a dream duo for trellis

In the plant choice you have to limit yourself, but can be designed by clever combining beautiful eye-catching. Last but not least, the costs associated with the construction of a pond or walls are often higher, for example, when working with a crane. On the other hand, lack of space means that the cost is usually only one more expensive project.

Is the plant of common garden elements such as pond or lawn always useful for terraced gardeners?

Tobias Domroes

Tobias Domroes is a landscape architect. He will also assist you with garden design through our garden planning service

Basically, a garden pond is possible, but it should then become a central element. As everywhere else, a pond means extra care, and it's essential that it is well secured, especially in terraced areas with children in the area. Nice alternatives to a large pond are a sourcestone or a water basin, a small stream or well. The installation of a lawn that is too small usually does not make sense - it hardly pays to buy a lawnmower. On the other hand, a lawn brings peace in a fairly full garden and acts more natural than plaster

Which screening options are there and what should be considered?

Most garden owners want to sit undisturbed especially on the terrace and there want the highest possible privacy. In this case, it is important to note in advance the legal provisions that may vary considerably in the individual regions. Inquire in advance what the development plan provides or what the neighboring law allows. A standard screen wall of 1.80 meters height directly at the border is not allowed everywhere, but must be indented 30 centimeters. Space-saving, narrow privacy elements are made of wood, plastic, metal or opaque glass, suitable for any garden style. Trellis for climbing plants are quite inexpensive. Before buying, be aware that with continuous terraces, there is often no way to plant directly into the ground, smash ground pods and posts or build a foundation. Here the privacy screen must be dowelled to the facade or to the floor covering. For the long sides in the garden are large, planted tubs, living wicker fences, trellis fruit trees and visual protection or rank elements.

Creative privacy wall

Creative privacy concepts can also be implemented in terraced garden

Which plants are particularly suitable for small areas?

Perennials, planted as small groups, can be focal points from spring to autumn, evergreen tree plants such as beech or yew and many ornamental grasses are beautiful year-round. With climbing plants on trellises, facades and obelisks one uses the place in the height. You do not have to renounce trees either: small apple varieties, pillar cherries or spherical crowns with spherical crowns like the catalpa 'nana', the globe-cherry (Prunus fruticosa 'Globosa') and the ball-robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia 'Umbraculifera' ) are first choice.

With which tricks can you save space and at the same time accommodate as much as possible?

Individual elements can be created multifunctional: For example, a raised bed serves as a room divider, walls as seating, a paved area sometimes as a barbecue, sometimes as a berth. Incorporate herbs and vegetables in beds, use narrow privacy screens instead of hedges, and choose small varieties when planting.

What are your personal tips for terraced gardeners?

Take your time for the planning! The place for desired elements should be marked in advance with ropes or sawdust in the garden, in order to be able to better imagine the later arrangement. Especially in small gardens dimensions and proportions are often misjudged. Do not plan too much, but opt ​​for a highlight such as pavilion, garden shed, pond or Blumenrondell. Talk to your neighbors, often you can find good solutions together, such as a two-sided planted garden border or a shared lawn area. Consider a terraced garden - without a lawn you have much more room for your wishes and you save the mowing. Think future-oriented: An existing lawn area can be converted to a lying area with planting area if required and later used for the construction of a garden pond with a wooden deck. Most important rule of thumb: You can never accommodate everything that you like, but should set clear priorities.
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