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Old plaster and old awnings are reminiscent of the 70s and are no longer up-to-date. Cosiness and little care required the owners for the terrace area of ​​their terraced garden, which is to be used as a sociable place for barbecues with friends.

Suggestion 1: Mediterranean oasis at the row house

Full sun from lunchtime to the end of the day, as well as a sheltered location through three adjacent walls - these conditions are ideal for a southern-style design that will create a holiday mood. Pastel shades of violet, blue, white and silvery gray appear repeatedly in the planting and reproduce the colors of the south.

Bright sandstone

The bright sandstone wall gives the garden heat

Bright sandstone and brown decking also accentuate this flair; characteristic potted plants such as fig and olive also fit. Varied, the three plant beds are laid out on different levels and planted with white spur flower 'Alba', Adder's Head and Weißbuntem smooth oat 'Variegatum'.

overgrown stone wall drawing

On the sheltered stone wall heat-loving plants such as rosemary and lavender thrive in the bed. In the bucket, the evergreen olive trunks with gray-green foliage contribute to the Mediterranean mood

On a sandstone wall heat-loving upholstery thrives thrive like thyme-leaved brickwall and cascade-thyme. The little ones are extremely robust, feel well in the heat and flower reliably for several months. The sandstones release the stored heat of the day in the evening - ideal for sitting outside for a long time. On the large wooden bench in front of the wall many guests find a place. A large triangle sail in light yellow spans the entire terrace and provides shade on hot days.

ordinary adderhead

The common adder's head (Echium vulgare) grows up to 80 centimeters high and shows its pretty flower spikes from June to September, which are pink at first and then turn blue

In addition to the aromatic classic lavender 'Imperial Gem' may also be in the flower beds Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary 'Arp' and Krauser spice sage 'Crispa', which are used in the kitchen. It was also thought of a BBQ area to enjoy the outdoor season extensively.

Suggestion 2: A frame around the terrace

It's nice to have terraces that look spacious but still cozy. This can be achieved if you move the seat area slightly off the house and select a second, passable covering material as a "spacer". Here, a broad split strip takes over this task. An equally wide strip separates the terrace from the lawn and the garage wall. Together with the bed and the low wall to the cellar stairs, this results in a beautiful surrounding frame.

framed terrace

The beds are a great sight and give the garden that certain something

For more "green" behind the corner sofa are on the small wall planters with Magellan blue grass and jewelry baskets. The gained space under the balcony can be wonderfully used by a swing seat and the transition to the lawn as a place for planting planters with lilies. Of course, the seat is really cozy only through the bed. The existing climbing trumpet or trumpet flower sets the tone from July to September with its orange-red flowers.

Terraced garden orange red climbing trumpet

The orange-red climbing trumpet on the wall gets fiery support with orange-yellow torch lily, golden-haired aster and bright red burning love. The gray-dusted Swiss willow, white dahlia and dyer's camomile 'Hollandaise sauce' create a cool contrast

Protected location

It is supported by red and yellow flowering perennials. The small Swiss willow and the winter-green Mitelmeer spurge ensure that the bed is not completely bare in winter. The spurge needs a warm, sheltered location just like the climbing trumpet.

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