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When the construction of a terrace is complete, many owners are considering how to visually enhance it.
Depending on the location and nature of the beds, shrubs, grasses or flowering plants, but also a combination of everything can be planted.
Very nice - and practical - is also the idea to plant shrubs in the bed, which can serve as a screen. However, patience is often required here because the hedges do not grow in a few days. However, if you have the patience, it has an airy, comfortable screen.
Create a bed
Before anything can be planted, a bed must be created.
Sometimes a lawn needs to be dug up, when building a house you should first think about whether you want a bed or not and release the area directly.
It is best to stretch a string around the piece of the next bed, in addition to the earth is also marked as a marker. Optionally you could use stones as an additional marker or the like.
In order to use plants, the soil of the bed must be loosened beforehand, so that the insertion itself is easier and the plants are not harmed.
In addition to the "simple" flowerbed, there is also the possibility to make the bed optically more elaborate, such. as a raised bed, stepped bed or as a bed of stones or pebble bed. There are no limits to creativity here.
For stepped beds and stone beds then of course also stones are needed to limit in addition to the flowers. The creation of a stepped bed is also a little more difficult, because (as the name implies) is worked here on different levels.
The choice of plants
After planting the bed, the most laborious but also worthwhile part of the work comes: the planting.
Here, the gardener should have thought in advance, which flowers he wants in his bed, how it should be colored and how it looks with possible flowering times.
If you are a beginner in the field, you can get information about the desired plants on the Internet, but also the garden professional.
Also on the kind of the earth one should pay attention before the planting: Not every green can tolerate every earth. Whether sandy, loamy or nutrient-rich - the earth limits the choice of plants.
There is no limit to the wealth of ideas: Whether you only want plants of one species (grasses, perennials, shrubs, flowering plants, trees), if you want to literally cross-over something or alternate blossoms - in principle and with the right guidance everything possible. Only the bed owner should be aware of one thing: the more elaborate the "effects" of the bed, the more work it requires.
As with all hobbies, there are also gardening plants that are recommended for beginners. And plants that just never really go out of fashion.
The classics in the flowerbed are of course especially in spring tulips, hyacinths (which spread particularly pleasant scent), daffodils or crocuses, all of which belong to the so-called bulbous species. Onion flowers are planted in the bed in the previous year so they bloom in the spring.
Also chrysanthemums and dahlias are always welcome in flower beds (also in "normal"), because they offer beautiful flowers.
Ground cover are always a welcome green to hide annoying gaps created visually beautiful. Particularly popular are asters, ivy, elven flowers, bamboo, but also various types of low-growing roses.
Ornamental grasses always complete the look. Particularly well-known here is the so-called miscanthus (also called bamboo, although it exists in many different species), but also pampas grass.
A small note on the edge: Often you can combine perennials and grasses very harmoniously.
The planning is especially important when creating a flower bed. Because if the flowers or shrubs or whatever has been selected once planted, it is usually too late for a Umentscheidung. This is particularly annoying when a lot of money has been invested, because plants can be very expensive.
For beginners, it is therefore always advisable to look before laying the bed, which possibilities are given and to be advised by the expert. This can say exactly which plants grow well on which soil and a good landscape gardener also gives assistance with the color combination of different (flowering) plants.

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