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There are amazingly many different pools. They vary in size, shape and even color. If you do not know exactly what you want, you are spoiled for choice. The finished pools are worked in a lamination process in several layers of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Advantages and disadvantages of the GFK ready-made pond
1st color
Years ago, there were ready pools for ponds only in black. Meanwhile, more colors are on offer. The paint is applied in an additional layer. There are gray and sand colored pools, which are supposed to simulate a natural underground. However, soon there will be nothing left of the original color once algae colonize the walls. The algae are particularly easy to hold on the walls, which are rough due to the additional layer.

  • Several colors available
  • New colors fit better in the garden than black
2nd size

There are an awful lot of different sizes, depending on the space available. Small basins are rather unfavorable, because in them the biological balance is difficult to maintain. However, this is not a specific problem of GRP basins, this is true for all small garden pond solutions. Large GRP pond basins provide the appropriate depth of at least one meter, so that these ponds do not freeze to the bottom in winter. They are therefore suitable for fish. In addition, they usually have three, instead of just two depths, but shallow and bank edge zone are very narrow, usually too narrow. In addition, the transitions are very steep. The depth zone is often so tight that it gets narrow for overwintering fish below. It is therefore important to choose a GRP pond that meets the requirements, at least if you want to use fish. Otherwise, it's a question of design options.
  • Many sizes
  • With fish stock, the depth is important
  • In addition, the depth zone must have a corresponding volume.
3. Planning
In principle, the planning consists of measuring its available space and then selecting a suitable prefabricated pond. On the Internet you can first of all work out an appropriate overview of the offers. A consultation with the dealer usually brings clarity, which is important for your own wishes on the pool, so what must be respected. Anyone who has a very special desire in appearance or who wants to create the individual water zones wider, such as a pond that is designed with pond liner, can undertake a special company, which then work locally by hand lamination exactly the desired pond in the garden. This design is understandably very expensive. However, there are also instructions in the World Wide Web on how to construct such a GRP pond in the desired shape and size itself. It is laborious, but especially for koi ponds, it is quite popular. or
  • Low planning
  • Measure available space
  • Choose the ideal GRP ready-made pond
  • You can also build such a pond yourself
4. Installation
For the installation of a bed must be built, just like a foil pond. It is best to put the pond in the right place as it should be embedded. This is easy with small GRP basins, they are not really heavy and you can set them up alone or in pairs. Big ones are getting harder, they can be really heavy. A tank of 1,000 liters capacity and that's not much, weighs about 50 kilograms. Large ponds require a crane to unload and place. Then mark the outlines with light sand, sawdust or similar. Now the pit has to be dug. There are the same problems as with the foil pond. Where to go with the earth? It is important to plan and excavate a buffer of about 10 cm at the bottom and at the sides. The shell has to be used again and again on a trial basis in order to be able to fit the shape accordingly. The bottom of the pit must be filled with sand for at least 10 cm before the shell is inserted. It is best to align the pond with the spirit level. Gradually fill in the spaces between the shell and pit wall. At the same time let water into the pool, always only as high as the outside was heaped up. Again and again check the horizontal and align if necessary. Completely fill in and fill in the lateral cavities so that the earth can slip and everything is compacted well. Fill pond completely.
  • Works as with foil pond
  • Disconnect pit and dig out
  • Insert basin and align
  • Fill back cavities again
  • Compact area
5. Repair
Leaks in the GRP pond are rare, but they can occur. For the repair you have to know, as with all ponds, where the leak is. Unfortunately, it usually happens at the bottom, at the curves on the ground.The pond must therefore be completely emptied. For the repair, a two-component resin is used. You also need either glass fiber mats or glass fiber chips, which are a bit more flexible. The leak must be cleaned and dried. Roughen the leak over a large area. In the case of small holes, plastic chips are stirred into the plastic and the leak is swept over. For larger leaks, a layer of plastic must first be applied and a glass fiber mat is applied to these. It is then soaked properly with the plastic. If you want to be on the safe side, repeat the whole thing after drying. To make a nice transition, the fiberglass mat has to be calculated a little larger each time.
  • Relatively easy to repair
  • Pond must be cleared to the leak
  • Most of the holes are at the bottom, so the whole pond has to be emptied
6. Prices
The prices can be very different. So-called bargains are to be considered with caution, because the quality is usually accordingly. With good workmanship, the pond basins keep up to 30 years, in bad, however, there are already after 5 to 7 years problems with leaks. That's because there are only a few layers of fiberglass. The ponds are significantly thinner walled. The extra production of a GRP pond is significantly more expensive than a ready-bought pool or a foil pond. GRP pond pools of good quality are generally also more expensive than foil ponds, at least those made of PVC or PE.
  • More expensive than foil oaks
  • There are cheap models, but most are of lesser quality
Advantages and disadvantages at a glance
  • Great variety of shapes
  • Various sizes
  • Different colours
  • No annoying wrinkles as with foil oaks
  • Better protection against piercing roots or stones
  • Easy to repair
  • Great for quite small ponds
  • Often there are manufacturer-related weaknesses that can lead to a leak in very severe frosts or poor adaptation to the ground. When buying or delivery, look at the pool from below in the backlight. If the light shines through, the wall is too thin. Particular attention should be paid to the curves of the pelvis.
  • Often work like foreign bodies, but it is also different, see: //
  • Fitting large and therefore heavy pelvis is difficult, just by its weight. Several people have to tackle with them and keep putting them in and out.
  • Very large tanks require a crane.
  • High price
Advantages of a custom made GRP pond
GRP can, in contrast to normal pond liner, be processed much more individually. The work is not easy, the weather has to play and the price is high. There are many advantages, apart from the work and the costs. Anyone who does not trust the lamination can turn to a specialist, but of course the costs continue to rise.
  • No wrinkling
  • Totally free shape and size selection
  • Walkable and permanent riparian zones
  • Absolutely tight
  • Later expandable
  • Can be used for the renovation of normal foil ponds
  • Coloring possible
  • Free design of the planting zones
  • Also suitable for streams
  • Connects well with other materials
In the case of the GRP ponds, a distinction must be made between the ready-made pool and the individually designed pond. Since most garden owners buy the finished bowls, we have put our main focus on it. The pools are available in a large selection, in principle there is the right thing for every garden. Especially for small gardens and associated small areas, they are well suited. Due to their usually quite steep walls they do not need much space and can be installed well. Larger pools have in addition to the higher prices and a large curb weight. Especially fitting is a problem for them. Otherwise, it is like all things, there are advantages and disadvantages and these must be weighed

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